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    Will’s RV is an RV dealership, repair facility, and parts provider serving the Sturtevant, WI area. Call Will’s RV at (262) 886-2226 specifically for questions and information on setting appointments, scheduling repairs, and the areas of expertise.

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        Posted: 2024-02-23 17:45:38

        Roof leak NEVER FIXED--cost me well over $2K, along with the other $5K I gave them for various other repairs. Absolute horrendous business! I am newer to the RV community and Will's RV was referred to me as "the place to go" for anything RV related. I trusted them! I had them "repair my roof leak" and when I drove my RV to it's new home in June 2023, through torrential downpours, the leak was flooding water over the door and the new panels they put in on the inside have all been ruined and rendered completely useless. They told me they had "scraped off all the prior silicone and resealed the entire roof"--not so much! They refuse to answer any of my phone calls or emails--grow up! If they couldn't fix it, they should have just said so. Or, better yet, offer me a more expensive option of completely replacing the entire roof, which would have given them even MORE money, but at least it would have fixed the issue. They are despicable and I hope they go out of business. I only gave them one star because there is no option to give them a NEGATIVE STAR!

        Unhappy Camper

        Posted: 2023-10-30 16:52:25

        What a despicable business! We paid to have camper winterized and they absolutely did it did a terrible job- caused $3500 worth of water damages! You think they stepped up and rectified the situation like decent people? NOPE! They never returned my calls or emails over a months time. The creep knew they were closing. Way to go Fermin! A business that has been open for over 50 years and you blew it!


        Posted: 2023-10-03 15:08:06

        DO NOT TRUST THEM! We have had a number of issues and I have been meaning to write this review. But the electrical FIRE they caused today was the straw that broke the camels back, as they say. My husband and I brought them our 2009 Passport in December 2022 for a quick winterization, and they got us in right before Christmas, got us taken care of, able to drive away and park, and get home in time to weather the storm, which we much appreciated. Since they did such a great job with that, we called back in the New Year when we needed some work done. We were working to renovate the camper to live in it full time, and wanted to add solar. We talked to them about our plans to put in new batteries, install solar panels on the roof, and use an inverter to go between shore power and the battery bank - they said they could help us with that even though it was not a typical project they took on. Since getting it back to us, we have had many issues. First, we immediately noticed that they did not properly flush mount the solar controller - which is not the end of the world, but it is ugly and unnecessary since the instructions were clear (my husband did the flush mount for the inverter with the wrong tools with no issues). Next, my husband had to switch the way they wired up the batteries to the solar charger because we were getting a safety error - when we read into it on the documentation it was clear they were backwards and dangerous. Finally, today after 1 hour of driving and 1 hour of sitting with fans and 2 lights running on a 100° day the system overheated. As we were starting to cool it all off, the wire they used to hook up the battery caught fire. We were lucky to catch it before it damaged anything else (we think) and before anyone was hurt. This is when we noticed that the wire is not an appropriate gauge for wiring up an inverter. They acknowledged multiple times on the phone and in person that they knew we were hooking up an inverter and that they had the appropriate wires and tools to do so. Also, after they installed the solar system we noticed one bedroom closet getting entirely soaked when it rains - we went into the roof to see that the sealant they did is badly installed. Additionally, they did not examine the frame as they said they would in the de winterization check - they specifically advertise tire to roof. On our way out of their lot to the next spot - a 30 minute drive - we had a blow out which ended up being because it was so hot that our bearings were turning to slag from being improperly packed. When my husband called to complain about this, the owners pushed off blame onto us and anyone else they could and told him that they can't check everything. My husband had asked at the time of booking the service if they would check the chassis because we had had issues and they had assured us they could and would. If they hadn't confirmed that we would have booked the additional service. This does not even include the things they broke in the meantime that they also did not accept blame for. All of these were working on the week after Memorial Day weekend when we picked it up from them to use for a few nights and then brought it back for them to finish the work. The bumper was banged up with red paint on it (matching the color of the owners truck) to the point we could not get the sewer hose out and the door stop was broken off. We did let them know about these and they let us bring it back to get those fixed even though they claimed it couldn't have been their fault. When we got it back the door stopper was still unfixed. The outdoor shower they actually did tell me about in the run down (that I had to call to get after not receiving the call for days after I was told I would) - however they said it was a slight leak, which I had noticed that week we had used it. When we got it back after they worked on it it is now cracked all along the handle and not usable - we had used it to wash my dog off from the beach that week we camped. Please do not trust them with anything other than a simple winterization.

        Dan McCoy

        Posted: 2023-07-29 13:51:04

        Installed inverter/converter and lithium batteries. None of it was hooked up correctly, every connection was loose, nothing secured or wired properly and several key connections were not made. Refrigerator doesn't get power, AC overload vault, never disconnected original converter, a dozen loose wires dangling in the compartment... just terrible and potential shock hazards. Took my RV to a well-known and highly respected shop in Indiana and they are having to redo the entire set-up. If I could give zero stars I would. Very disappointed and I won’t ever be returning.

        Jeff Casper

        Posted: 2023-07-27 13:39:45

        We have had our class A motorhome winterized for the past 3 or 4 years and they have f done an excellent job.The owner, Fuhrman has always been very honest in giving estimates on what things need to get done. I had my air conditioner replaced, they gave me a great price and they did a very quality job. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. Jeff Casper

        Class A - Diesel

        Posted: 2013-07-20 00:00:00

        We've had a variety of work done here including battery replacement, TV installation, electrical problems diagnosed and fixed. If the work is outside their scope, they'll readily admit it and send you elsewhere. Outstanding every time. These guys are honest to a fault, they listen and importantly, they are RVers themselves so they really know what they're talking about. I can't recommend them too much.

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