About RV Repair Direct

RV Repair Direct seeks to provide RVers with a way to make confident, informed decisions on where to take their vehicles for repairs & mobile RV service. By providing a public forum for honest reviews, we allow RVers to choose an RV Service Center based on the recommendations of thousands of their peers. By overcoming the distrust inherent to the repair industry, we hope to provide value to both sides: the many RV Repair Facilities providing excellent, cost-effective service to travelers all over the country, as well as the RVer who may need to tackle an unexpected breakdown or maintenance demand in an unfamiliar location.

We have designed our RV Repair Facility locator to be easy to use, and to provide results that are relevant to your inquiry. You can browse RV Service Centers through many different filters, leaving you with results that are specific to your actual RV repair needs. RV Repair Direct seeks to provide an honest, easy avenue for travelers to connect with tried and true RV Repair Facilities.

Reviews of service are the backbone of our RV Repair Facility directory, so they can never be bought, altered, or removed. We understand the investment you have made in your Recreational Vehicle, and want to provide you with a way to find the service and protection you deserve. RV Repair Direct is dedicated to providing the RV community with a free, honest, and easy to use method of finding the best RV Repair Facilities. We wish you happy RVing, and safe travels. When the road gets bumpy, we’ll be here.