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    Tom’s Car Care is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Orange, TX area.

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        Mobile Repair


        Class A - Gasoline

        Posted: 2006-02-17 00:00:00

        Drained fuel tank & supposedly changed fuel filter. We got a tank of very bad gas at the Flying J in Orange. Our motorhome started to chug as soon as we pulled out of the Flying J lot. We only made it 2 miles to the next exit on the I-10 eastbound. We called our ERS (Good Sam Club) and they told us a mechanic from Tom's Car Care would come to us to see if he could determine the problem. By 7 p.m. - no one showed. We ended up spending the night in our motorhome in a Chevron parking lot and driving to Tom's Car Care for 8 a.m. (when they opened) the next morning. A mechanic showed up at 9 a.m. He determined quickly that we did indeed have bad gas. However, it took them until 1 p.m. to drain our tank as they are so poorly equipped. Their pump kept stopping, the electrical cords kept shorting, the hoses they were using were duct taped together and the barrel that they were using for the bad gas had holes in it. After telling us that they had replaced our fuel filter (which we found out a week later, they did not) and charging us >$300, they sent us on our way with 10 gallons of gas in our tank. We only made it a few blocks. They arrived a half hour later and towed us to a gas station. As our rig was still driving very poorly and very rough, we returned to their garage. They then decided to drain the fuel injector lines, took it for another test drive, found it was still not running properly and returned to the garage. It got dark & they asked us to leave our motorhome on the street & they would work on it again the next morning. When we asked if it was safe to leave our motorhome there on the street, they said they didn't suggest that we leave it there without us being in it. We decided to drive a block & half to a well lit college parking lot and overnight there. We returned the following morning at 9 a.m. as instructed, waited until 11 a.m and no one showed up. We left and looked for another repair facility. We would not recommend that anyone use this repair service for any problem even if they are the only facility in Orange, TX. - push, pull or tow to anywhere else.

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