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    Todds RV and Marine is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Hendersonville, NC area.

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        Mobile Repair


        Class C

        Posted: 2004-01-01 00:00:00

        They were supposed to fix a soft spot in the floor -- replace a leaking kitchen faucet and counter top that the leaking faucet damaged. The reason the counter top was damaged is that they put me off 3 months before I was given an appointment to fix the faucet They replaced the faucet and counter top OK, but tore the wallpaper border in the process -- did not fix that -- the caulking looked as if i had done it myself -- they said the flooring problem could not be fixed -- they gave a reason that was no where near what the actual problem turned out to be -- they told me they had taken up the floor which turned out to be a flat out lie -- I finally got the floor fixed by a dealer in Tennessee.

        Class A - Gasoline

        Posted: 2003-07-02 00:00:00

        Replace compartment door, recall on floor, find CB wiring. Could never find CB wiring. Failed to repair floor, still defective. Took three months to fix compartment door. When I bought it, no one went over the warranty. They wanted to get out for July 4th weekend.

        Class A - Diesel

        Posted: 2008-07-09 00:00:00

        While traveling had bad electrical problems some things worked and some didn't. They asked me if we could leave it or wait until the next tech became available, my wife and I went shopping until later in afternoon, when we returned the coach was fixed and ready to go. Minor problem to them major to us, but we were on road before supper. Thanks Todds RV & Marine

        Class A - Gasoline

        Posted: 2007-06-18 00:00:00

        A/C work on basement model - replaced first stage compressor relay jumper wire and checked all terminals. I believe it was low voltage that caused wire to burn. It was a miserable weekend with no A/C in 90 degree temps. On Monday morning, called Todd's and spoke to Phil. He kindly worked me in and cooled me off in less than 2 hours with reasonable rates. Obviously, every one's experience here is different, but based on mine, I recommend them!

        Class C

        Posted: 2007-05-06 00:00:00

        Removed new Onan 2.8 from my class C for needed warranty repair. Took it apart, kept it for three weeks before admitting they couldn't fix it. Broke totally unrelated engine parts that they did not tell me about; cost me $225 to repair their damage when Cummins Atlantic in Spartanburg SC finally fixed it. Todd's service department then denied any and all liability. _Very_ sleazy operation, with lots of excuses and no service. Service was far below very poor. Problem wasn't fixed at all, but it cost me money and time to try to do business with them. Never again. Would only recommend them to my worst enemy.

        5th Wheel Trailer

        Posted: 2005-05-07 00:00:00

        Replaced a cracked skylight over the shower The technicians at Todd's did an excellent job replacing the cracked skylight and associated trim items. The work was completed very neatly and in a timely manner. Everyone was very courteous and helpful.

        Class A - Diesel

        Posted: 2011-04-08 00:00:00

        Engine Oil Change The invoice showed 20 quarts of oil added; the engine takes 36 qts. When I pointed this out they said they would recheck the oil level. They then added six more quarts, still leaving a discrepancy of 10 quarts. Their solution? They simply rewrote the invoice and charged me for 36 quarts! Notwithstanding this, shouldn't they have known, without being told, that a Cummins M11 holds 36 quarts of oil?

        Travel Trailer

        Posted: 2009-08-11 00:00:00

        Worked on refrigerator, A/C, and hitch After checking some reviews I called Todd's RV and Marine in Hendersonville, NC. (western NC near Asheville) I asked to speak to service. An appointment was made for Thursday morning. When I arrived I was impressed with all the work going on, these guys had a 6 or 8 large units in the building and several employees really going at the work. They were working on everything from a motorhome that seemed to take 10 minutes to walk past to small travel trailers. Mark Coyne, who turned out to be the service manager, asked me how he could help. I told him I was new at this and could not get the refrigerator or the A/C to work. He started with the refrigerator and checked everything inside and out. He measured voltage at the fuse box and the back of the refrigerator. After spending some time with it he found a valve that was partially closed. He said this was probably the problem and it was. The refrigerator works great now. I asked him if I could watch him work and ask questions. He said sure and patiently answered about 20 questions, taking time to explain how the systems worked. He was extremely knowledgeable and did not mind at all. The A/C had a bad compressor. It was replaced at a very reasonable cost. In fact, it was replaced for about what I found I could buy one on-line. At the end of the day after looking at my hitch, Mark (sales manager) told one of the service employees to do a tune-up on my hitch. The trailer was tilted to the rear and the anti-sway bars apparently weren't right. The fellow spent about 45 minutes working on the system. When I went to pay they only charged me for the A/C, which was very reasonable. Mark said don't worry about the refrigerator work and the hitch work. Wow, I know where I am going from now on. My wife and I will probably upgrade to a larger unit when I retire in a couple years and Todd's is where I will go to purchase.

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