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    Snyder’s RV is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Salem, VA area.

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        Mobile Repair


        Class A - Diesel

        Posted: 2012-02-02 00:00:00

        Snyder?s RV, Salem Virginia Be Aware The following motto is posted on the Snyder?s RV web-site: ?Snyder's RV has been family owned and operated since 1964. We are a locally-owned, low overhead dealership focusing on sales, service, parts and accessories. As a debt-free company, we don't have to pass along costs to customers that other dealerships do. We understand the value of your hard-earned money and want to earn your business! We are quite different from some of the big chain superstores in the area who spend nearly a million dollars a year on overhead expenses including buildings and inventory which gets passed on to the consumer. We know we can save you money on your next purchase ! We simply will not be undersold !? On 2/1/2012, I took my Country Coach motor home to Snyder?s RV to have a water heater bypass valve installed and a winterizing kit put on my water pump for in house water supply. With these changes, I could just put a hose in a gallon jug of RV antifreeze and easily winterize my motor home. While it was there, I decided to also have the antifreeze and the oil and filters in my engine and generator changed out. I specified in writing that they use my preferred OAT compliant antifreeze (Fleet Guard ES Complete) from Cummins. Instead, they put Final Charge Global made by Peak in my engine and generator. Their excuse for using a different antifreeze than I specified was that Cummins did not deliver in their area. The Final Charge Global also turned out to be OAT compliant, so I let it go. I decided to inspect the bypass for my water heater and found there was only one valve put on it and the antifreeze still goes into my water heater tank. Reluctantly, I let this go also. Now let me describe my real problem with Snyder RV. According to their bill, after flushing the cooling system four times with water, they installed only 8 gallons of 50/50 for both the generator and the engine. The combined capacity of the generator and the engine is 13.75 gallons. I ended up with 29% antifreeze to 71% water!!! In order for the antifreeze to be a 50/50 blend, Snyder?s should have put in 6.8 gal of full strength antifreeze! Then I find out they also installed a ?charged? water filter on my engine. A quick call to Cummins Engines confirmed that a ?charged? water filter must not be used with this antifreeze. A blank filter only costs $13.99, yet they charged me $59.31 for the charged filter which I have to remove. Here is some of the prices they charged me. Snyder?s used O'Reilly for my parts, O'Reilly prices-retail for all walk in customer costs. O'Reilly part #/Description/Our cost/Snyder?s price/Qty 46556 air filter for engine 95.99 162.69 1 33242 fuel/water separator-engine 23.99 40.66 1 33422 fuel/water separator-engine 34.99 59.31 1 51748 oil filter-engine 57.99 98.29 1 51344 oil filter-generator 9.99 16.93 1 33390 fuel filter-generator 10.99 18.63 1 46332 air filter -generator 29.99 50.83 1 fc50/50 50/50 final charge antifreeze 15.99 27.1 8 Shell Rotella 15/w40 oil Shell Rotella T 15.99 30.49 8 24074 coolant filter-engine 30.99 52.53 1 FINAL COST 326.9 557.46 And Snyder doesn?t pay this much. I have called Snyder?s RV numerous times including the day I brought it home. As of 3/9/2012, this situation is still unresolved. Snyder?s keeps giving me the run around. To fix the problem myself, I went ahead and ordered antifreeze and a filter costing me an extra $140.64. While these things may have been mistakes, it is clear to me that Snyder?s RV in Salem Virginia will not stand behind their work. Please be careful if you plan to use this RV center for service. Check closely the work that they perform. Snyder?s RV also has a store in Virginia Beach, Va. As per my description it was shoddy work and they won't back their work up.

        Class A - Gasoline

        Posted: 2010-12-23 00:00:00

        While driving south across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in early October during Tropical Storm, Nicole, we lost the roof of our 35 foot Class A motorhome due to a severe wind shear gust. The entire front half of the fiberglass roof was torn off along with the full length of the roof on the driver's side. We had no choice but to continue driving another 20 miles across the bridge to the Virginia Beach side. When we got off the bridge, it was pouring rain and we had water flowing down the inside of the windshield and both the driver and passenger windows. My wife and I were getting soaked inside the motorhome. We luckily found a gas station near the bridge that had a cover over the fuel pumps which we barely got under to get out of the rain. After calls to Winnebago and our insurance, we called Snyder's RV which was recommended by Winnebago. Dan, the service manager at Snyder's, said that he would empty out a repair bay for us so that we could get inside. After waiting for over 2 1/2 hours for the rain to let up enough, we drove to Snyder's where they immediately got us inside. Virginia Beach was hit with over 12 inches of rain during the storm so getting the coach inside saved us from a lot of additional damage. Dan coordinated the repair for us with our insurance and with Winnebago. An entire new fiberglass roof had to be shipped in from the Winnebago factory and the original roof had to be completely removed. The repair took about 2 1/2 months. The new roof looks great and it was installed the way that it should have been installed to begin with at Winnebago. The new roof is now screwed on every 6 inches along the wrap around edge where it meets the sidewall instead of being only glued as they do at the factory. The technicians at Snyder's told us that "if roof ever comes off again, the rest of the coach is going with it!". I believe them. We picked up the coach just after Christmas following the big snowstorm that hit the area. I needed new house batteries before we could get on the road and start heading back to Florida. The service technicians didn't make it in due to the weather so the owner, Fred, gladly helped us with pulling the batteries and replacing them. Snyder's RV was very easy to work with. They stored our motorhome inside for the entire time that it was there in repair from early October to the end of December. The motorhome was very clean when we picked it up. Snyder's RV did an excellent job with a difficult repair. They coordinated the entire repair for us with the insurance company and with Winnebago. We live about 900 miles away so we were not able to check on the repair other than by phone. Dan, the service manager, did a great job keeping us informed of progress. The repair was completed on schedule and within the original estimate of repair cost. I would highly recommend Snyder's RV. If they can handle a big job like our repair, a smaller job would be a piece of cake for them.

        Class C

        Posted: 2009-04-02 00:00:00

        As a result of a control failure, Kwikee steps failed to retract and were badly damaged causing some body damage. Repairs needed were total replacement of the steps and cosmetic body work. I drove in and their techs immediately dropped what they were doing an removed the entire step assembly. New steps were ordered from Kwikee (who refused to even discuss a warranty issue with me despite the obvious failure of their controller) and were installed exactly on time as promised. The body repairs were done perfectly and on time. This was a refreshingly pleasant experience with a dealer and staff who were helpful, professional and had a sense of humor throughout. This dealership has been around for a very long time and is not glitzy and fancy to the eye. On the other hand, the attitude and work performed is the best we have ever seen.

        Class A - Diesel

        Posted: 2006-04-06 00:00:00

        Miscellaneous warranty work. They do good work. I've stopped there on my way to South Carolina after loading up and finding a big water leak. Fixed with no delay. Has done some installations. Excellent work. I store my M/H there so I can call them and have things done. Always parked back in the same spot in their storage lot, clean, shades pulled, locked up. Very reasonable labor charges but their parts are much higher than Camping World. 1/12/2007 - THIS IS AN UPDATE OF MY FIRST REVIEW ================================================ They now refuse to do any warranty work and no longer accept storage. I'd had my rig there for two years but not now. I store it next door with 24 hour security, rodent control and a manager who lives on the property. It costs me $3.00 a month more. And guess who won't be getting any of my work when I have to pay for it!

        Class A - Gasoline

        Posted: 2005-09-29 00:00:00

        Engine Oil change, Generator oil change, check roof seams, air pressure, etc. I found Snyder's to be very friendly & professional. They did the work while I waited and I was pleasantly surprised at the bill and how quickly they did the work. I do plan on using their Service the future.

        Pop-up Trailer

        Posted: 2005-04-01 00:00:00

        Took in to have some wiring fixed. The lights would not work. Also to have the wheel bearings repacked with grease. Well when I came to pick up the camper, the wheels were on backward!!. I brought this to the attention of the mechanic. He said I think you brought it in that way. I laughed, I said NO, you guys worked on the wheel bearings. Then the owner, Jerry Snyder started telling me that the mechanic is right, you did bring it in that way. To make a long story short, I will never take anything to Snyders again, the people are complete idiots!!!! As I found out later their reputation locally is not very good.

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