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    Richardson’s R.V. Center is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Sun City, CA area.

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          Travel Trailer

          Posted: 2011-11-29 00:00:00

          Finally repaired water leak in underbelly after 3 attempts and replaced several scratched items on due bill. Attempted and failed to repair outside compartment leak, slide leak, and sagging rain gutters. We purchased a 2011 Jayco Eagle travel trailer from Richardson?s in Menifee, CA and have had nothing but problems with their Service Department. The workmanship of their service techs is extremely poor! As an example we had to bring the trailer in three times for them to repair a water leak that turned out to be a loose fitting that just needed Teflon tape. They?d call and tell us the repairs were done but after picking up the trailer, we?d discover the unit still leaked. We live 50 miles away from the dealership so these extra trips cost us plenty in fuel! They can?t seem to get their parts orders right either. Again we made trips to pick up items only to find out it was the wrong part or the repairs couldn?t be completed because they ordered the wrong part. It took nine months for them to get us the correct parts we asked for when we purchased our trailer! They also failed to complete all the repairs as stated on the work order but told us they had. The service manager is ineffective and rude. They do have a great service writer though, Enrique. Too bad the rest of the service department doesn?t have his work ethic and dedication to great customer service. Their sales department was also great but once the sale was made, the customer no longer matters. Even the owner couldn?t be bothered to reply to our emails. We won?t be taking our trailer back to Richardson?s for any type of warranty work. We had a leak in our dining room slide and outside compartment that Richardson?s said they fixed but still leaked. We now take our trailer to Temecula Valley RV ? they do great work and have superior customer service! They found the cause of the leaks in the slide and the compartment and repaired both. Under no circumstances would we ever do business again with Richardson?s RV.

          Class C

          Posted: 2011-08-29 00:00:00

          Issues: An employee disconnected my generator to my unit so when I thought I was charging my batteries, and getting refrigerator cold, I was only burning fuel all day long. An employee took off my refrigerator clips that hold fridge open, they are gone and missing and when I picked up motor home, the mold had grown so bad in both freezer and fridge, it was disgusting. An employee looks to have used my bathroom, found dried urine on seat of toilet, just gross. When emptying motor home on your lot, no one assisted me; I drove right back to it with no one asking who I was. All windows were down in cab, and empty Pepsi cans were sitting on hood and drivers door step. Where is the security? Holes under carriage had not been touched, they are still there. Awning sticks on right side when pulling it out and I have to physically pull the arm out and as I retract awning, it sticks on the left side and won?t fit in due to the motor home wall crooked. Side door is safety issue and does not close properly, leaving a gap. Rear bumper is not installed properly; hanging crook, brackets were not installed right. Side wall is cracking, will explain in person. Also, purchased (2) 1 gallon Pure Power Blue chemical for black tank. I placed all bottles upright in my trunk of car (2007 Impala). One of the lids were NOT sealed and the entire contents soaked my trunk. I not only expect to have the chemical replaced, but tell me, how do we clean this up and get the smell out? Work never done, they took my money and ran. I am posting this on every website I can....someone has to listen and make this right at Richardson's.

          Class C

          Posted: 2008-09-07 00:00:00

          Our coach, a 2007 Greyhawk, has been there multiple times since we purchased it in late August. Our experience with the Service Department seems to be nothing more than pure laziness on their part. The leather driver's seats were filthy from techs being in the front trying to repair the jack system, which didn't work on delivery. Couldn't wipe it down with a towel? Would've taken 5 minutes, tops. The bathroom door on our coach was a due bill item--nothing major, but there was a chip of wood missing out of the edge of it. We drove all the way there, only to find that the new door was more damaged than the old one. Couldn't someone have opened the box and inspected it before calling us? Also, the wallpaper border was crinkled in the bath. They called, we went, and it was the wrong color. Again, no one could have looked at that before we arrived? We did finally get the new door put on, but it was hung improperly and the techs couldn't get it opened at the correct angle to screw it into the hinges. They went in at an angle and drilled right through to the other side, then had the nerve to give it back as work completed. We made an appointment 3 weeks early to have a new bumper installed and painted. Once the coach was there they called to say that they had other large jobs in paint and wouldn't be able to get to ours unless we left it longer. So what was the point again of making an appointment? It was just a bumper, not a big job. It's funny because the Service Manager gave me this line about "I fix it as if it were my wife's". Riiiggghhtt. She must have very low standards if any of the work done on our coach were acceptable to her in any way. At any rate, we're done with Richardson's. Thank goodness Temecula Valley RV handles warranty work. They totally rock and will be getting all of our business. The only way I'll ever go back is if Temecula Valley RV goes out of business.

          Class C

          Posted: 2007-05-04 00:00:00

          Repainting and buffing over-spray at front of coach, Replacing rubber seals a bedroom slide for the second time. Replacing awning over bedroom slide due damage caused to awning by employee backing the coach into the paint booth. Had to replace the rear roof ladder after an employee backed the coach into a fence in the front parking lot. As previous poster noted they have a policy that only allows you to have repaired 4-8 items at each service appointment. Also as previously posted it takes an unreasonable time for them to get parts for the repairs. It will be 2 years at Christmas, since I have purchased my coach and it has been in their possession for over 100 days over this period. Lets just say I'm not happy with their service record and will let their work speak for itself.

          Travel Trailer

          Posted: 2007-01-06 00:00:00

          Fixing flaws missed during P.D.I. We found a list of over 20 items that were not caught during PDI on a new trailer that included major problems such as a Black Tank that wouldn't open, stove that did not operate correctly, and a leaking tub (just to name a few). Richardson's did not allow more than 8 items at a time to be repaired at one time despite being a new trailer and items that should have been caught during P.D.I. The trailer was in repair for months! It is now 1 year later and the tub is still not repaired and Richardson's now says it's a design flaw by Jayco. Jayco is pointing the finger at Richardson's, and Richardsons answer to the problem is for me to fix it myself by going to home depot and buying some fiberglass. We continue to have problems with the unit and since each time Richardson's takes it into service, they keep it for months at a time, we hate to bring it in anymore because we lose significant amounts of time camping. By the time they are done repairing only a fraction of the problems because of their now "4" items a time policy, the unit is beyond warranty by the time they fix the first few problems you find. Be sure to read Service Provider Response below

          5th Wheel Trailer

          Posted: 2006-06-22 00:00:00

          Slide-out repaired, including gear box and ram mounting brackets under manufacturer warranty. Work completed in 1 day with short advance warning of repair (was repaired in the middle of a vacation). All members of team went out of their way to make the repairs quickly AND correctly!

          5th Wheel Trailer

          Posted: 2006-04-19 00:00:00

          Repair of multiple water leaks,including water heater and water tank, interior trim, windows sticking,vinyl repair / replacement, brake adjustment or connections, as well as several minor issues that were not important. After two weeks I called to check on their progress. I was told that the water leaks were fixed and that they were waiting to here from the manufacturer for authorization for further work! After another week I drove to the dealership and talked to the service manager, he had to put a game face on to talk to me, who then told me that they had to send it out to an authorized shop for further repairs! I went out to the trailer and tested the water, the water heater still leaked and nothing else was even touched except that they tore up some of the vinyl so that it had to be replaced, no repair possible....I have never even called them again after finding a decent shop!

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