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    Prognagthas Auto Repair Shop is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Ridgecrest, CA area.

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        Class C

        Posted: 2006-04-05 00:00:00

        The job was to replace re built engine from Kragen auto part store on my Winnebago class C the RV the engine has 3 year guarantee. Prognagthas auto repair shop removed my engine and hood, and without putting back hood. All the electrical wiring parts, components were exposed to weather (rain etc) for approx 2 months, only from 5 ft to 10 ft from public side walk (no security fence. They moved my RV, anyway. I have to sign a bill estimate that said Prognagthas auto repair shop Is not responsible for theft, fire etc. I did complain to Bakersfield CA BBB and they did listed Prognagthas auto repair shop in Ridgecrest CA has a complain on Bakersfield CA BBB web site And also complains to State of California department of auto repair department (this department issues auto repair licenses in CA). An agent form State of California department of auto repair department told me when to pick up my RV from Prognagthas auto repair shop It was after 2 month and the agent was go between between me and Prognagthas auto repair shop. Prognagthas auto repair shop refused me to test drive on the street after installation of rebuilt engine and Prognagthas requested pay in cash so I got money order. I drove home to less than one mile to my home and parked over night at home and next day when I started engine the gasoline was leaking from top of engine onto street. It was gashing out heavily at top of engine into exhaust ?pipe/manifold, so I called tow truck and had it towed back to Prognagthas auto repair shop and it appears that they fixed and 9 days later the same problem occurred. This time I towed to other auto repair shop and they fixed right and no leak ever since. And I sent the bill to Prognagthas auto repair shop, they refuse to pay the repair bill. I complained to State of California department of auto repair department and they suggest taking Prognagthas to small claim court I rate Prognagthas auto repair shop very poor.

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