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    Poulsbo RV Kent is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Kent, WA area.

    RV Repair Direct requests that all past and present customers of this RV Repair Facility leave an honest and detailed review of the service they received. These reviews will help fellow RVers to make confident decisions on where to take their RV for repair in the geographic area of their choice. The reviews below are the opinions of RV Repair Direct readers, and do not reflect the endorsement or opinion of this website.

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        Mobile Repair


        Gary Shilling

        Posted: 2016-02-26 00:45:33

        Motor Home purchased from Poulsbo RV 3 2014; horrendous mistake. MH has been back for repairs numerous times with the problems not being fixed. The large awning would not retract on occasion un less the switch plate was wiggled. Poulsbo said there was no problem. The coach was taken elsewhere and a bad connection at the switch plate was found; problem fixed. The large passenger side slide started coming out while driving and there was a loud knocking noise. The manufacturer indicated the knocking noise was from the slide mechanism. Poulsbo indicated the manufacturer had no business diagnosing something over the phone. Motor home returned indicating lubrication was needed and the motor home was ready for use. Drove via freeway 25 miles home and the slide came out worse than ever. The leveling jacks were a problem from day one. Two trips back to Poulsbo didn't fix the problem. Finally Poulsbo installed a new pump. However, the first trip following the pump replacement the pump and all the hose attachments were full of fluid. Once again the motor home was taken elsewhere and it was found that all the connections were loose and a ground wire wasn't connected properly. The problem was fixed. I nor this motor home will ever again set foot or tires on a Poulsbo lot.

        Class A - Diesel

        Posted: 2006-07-01 00:00:00

        Routine service and coach battery warranty replacement. While performing the maintenance they broke the dashboard. The dash replacement has been on order for more than 8 weeks and they still don't have the parts. The coach batteries were replaced because they would NOT hold a charge. The new batteries were installed incorrectly and the cables were not re-connected so the inverter would not work and the new batteries would not charge properly. I took the coach back and they said the inverter was probably defective and they didn't have one in stock. I waited all day while they "worked on the problem" and finally just took the coach home, removed the batteries and re-installed them CORRECTLY and solved the problem myself!! I have NO confidence in anything they did to my coach. Do NOT take your rig to Poulsbo for anything!!

        Class A - Gasoline

        Posted: 2006-04-14 00:00:00

        Extensive body work. We have used Poulsbo RV in Kent to do repair and/or service work on our motor home on several occasions. Not only do they do excellent work but have always accommodated us when leaving on a trip and need the work done quickly. We had a major mishap with our motor home that involved massive body work and restoration. They did an outstanding job and actually finished a week earlier than our promised date. Our motor home looks brand new. I would never hesitate to recommend this company and know when it is time to trade up this will be the first company we visit.

        Travel Trailer

        Posted: 2006-03-22 00:00:00

        I have gone back for several items to repair and they missed a couple things. when I bought it and came to pick it up someone had scraped one of the decals and the side of the trailer with another trailer. It took 5 months to get the new decals to replace the bad ones. Now I'm having a issue with the floor and was waiting for 3 weeks for the floor to come in. Seems they forgot to order it and now I have to wait 4 weeks longer to get it in. Who knows how long I will be out my trailer during the prime camping season. Not happy with the work done and time it took to complete. They have dropped the ball several times. I would not recommend them personally.

        Class C

        Posted: 2005-03-02 00:00:00

        Water leak above cab, radio / speaker problems, vibration suspect tire or wheel The worst I have ever seen, years later I found the water leak was hidden NOT fixed, they never fixed the radio as this is far beyond their competencies, unable to even approach the vibration issue want me to take it to Ford but have no idea which dealership would be able to service a Class C. They do NOT keep you informed of repair status, Just not honest folks to deal with. We found staples and wires stuck in our carpet, grease stains on the carpet. I have no clue how a service type of business can remain open with this lack of customer service

        5th Wheel Trailer

        Posted: 2008-03-01 00:00:00

        I took a 5th wheel in as part trade for the sale of a house. We took it to Poulsbo RV in Kent. What a mistake. We requested that the RV be inspected and any defects be repaired. I also requested at my expense that the entire coach be detailed. Two months later, they still hadn't gotten to it. I inquired about putting it on consignment. I was told that they didn't charge a fee for that and that the 5th wheel would sell for 20K to 22K. I got the run around from a sales person named Stan. When I went in to see my RV, I was directed to a man named Bruce. He told me that all I would get was 10k if they consigned the RV. They would keep the difference. These people are absolute liars. The maintenance people don't know what they are doing. I was charged for detailing and found both refrigerators full of mold. Few of my requested tasks were done. They said they performed maintenance on the hot water tank and it didn't work. I wouldn't let these people tie my shoes!!! They ripped me off. DON'T GO THERE!!! I called Auburn RV to find out about getting the hot water tank fixed and told them about my experience, they said they hear it all the time.

        Class A - Diesel

        Posted: 2007-08-10 00:00:00

        Repair discrepancies found during PDI 08/2007 and additional discrepancies found on first trip via telecom between new RV owner and Poulsbo RV Sales Manager 08/2007 Poulsbo RV 23051 Military Rd S, Kent, WA 98032 Headline Rating 1. Pros -- Most of the PDI's where corrected after waiting 6 months for completion. Cons Details Poulsbo RV - BUYER BEWARE! If you are buying a used RV from Poulsbo RV, be aware, that Poulsbo RV makes commitments to repair/fix items even though their Service Department does not have the capabilities to make the repair(s). If the repair requires Poulsbo RV to take the extra step to get something repaired at another facility such as, Allison for transmission diagnostics or as in my case Freightliner for suspension and brake inspections they ignore the issue and forget about it. When questioned after being told that they would take care of all of the issues presented to them, all of sudden, Poulsbo RV Service Department does not have the capabilities to work on Class A brake system, nor do they have the capabilities to diagnose transmission problems. One of the issues that I had with Poulsbo RV was a SAFETY item; the RV I bought had brake problems and I was told that there was nothing wrong with the brakes. All I can say when dealing with Poulsbo RV is: BUYER BEWARE!! If Poulsbo has an RV that you are really interested in, take the time before buying the RV to have an independent Qualified Mechanic inspect the vehicle for any safety items that need to be attended to, such as the vehicle Brake system, wheel bearings, etc. It takes only one close call to remind you how ruthless some people can be in order to make dollar, especially at someone else?s expense.

        Class A - Diesel

        Posted: 2006-09-01 00:00:00

        Our EMS board needed replaced. They said they had to order one. They ordered the wrong one, but within 45 minutes after stating that they needed to find a place for us to stay, the correct board appeared. At first they told us it would take 4 weeks to get the correct board, but then told us that if we would pay $35 we would go to the head of the head of the line in the overnight order department and if we would agree to pay for the shipping, we would get our part over night. Then they estimated 1.5 hours to put the board in when it only takes 20 minutes to do so. Our board does work. They also checked the water pump, but did so using the outside shower. They left it on which resulted in our not having any hot water. We finally discovered the water faucet left on and after turning them off, had hot water about an hour later. They also turned our inverter on without turning it off.

        5th Wheel Trailer

        Posted: 2013-04-15 00:00:00

        Wash, dewinterize and inspection. Got a coupon for an inspection, dewinterization and wash. Huge mistake! Wish I'd known about this site before I went to Poulsbo RV! Took it apart to inspect and left the inverter dangling by one screw. Other three screws were left on the deck. Gave no estimates or list of any problems found in inspection. Didn't find any of the problems I knew about. Didn't even wash it. Just told to pick it up and pay. Since all the reviews on these people were a few years old, you might wonder if they've gotten better at service. They haven't. Stay away! This is the worst service place you could take it to. Be sure to read Service Provider Response below

        Class C

        Posted: 2010-10-01 00:00:00

        20 plus warranty items Most items that required investigation were passed off as owner problem or not fixed. Simple things were simply ignored. Only 3 of 20+ items were corrected and remained fixed, one being replace a missing lug nut cover Terrible attitudes and service

        Class A - Diesel

        Posted: 2009-12-01 00:00:00

        Paint repair, minor electrical issues We purchased the coach at Poulsbo in Kent, the salesman promised the moon to get us to buy the coach. The service department has had our coach on 3 occasions to fix the same problems; didn't winterize while they had it and some plumbing in the shower froze. They've "repaired" some paint on it three times and it looks worse now than when we bought it. We ended up taking the coach to another repair center to get the shower plumbing fixed and are working on an estimate to have someone fix the paint that they totally messed up. I do NOT recommend Poulsbo RV in regards to service, service manager says he'll make sure it's done right and you get it back in worse shape than when you left it. I wouldn't trust my RV in their hands.

        Class C

        Posted: 2009-01-03 00:00:00

        Replaced leaking water pump and repaired body damage. The work was done on time. The repair bill was less than the quote. My hats off to Scott Johnson for all his help

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