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    Pikes Peak Traveland, Inc. is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the COLORADO, SPRINGS area.

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        Posted: 2023-08-24 20:19:18

        Worst Customer Service EVER In March we took our camper to Pike’s Peak Travel Land because our fridge wasn’t working. They informed us there was a recall on the fridge and had to replace “a fuse”. A while later they called us and told us we owed them money because it wasn’t a recall (their mistake). They did indeed call our warranty company in March, but the service was denied because they completed the work prior to gaining authorization. A few months go by, and we go on our first camping trip of the season and guess what? YES folks, our fridge wasn’t working. We called to get another appointment when we returned, they did their diagnostic work and indicated that the issue was the thermal fuse. They called us and told us it’ll be $360 (ish) to fix, and it’ll be done soon. They did not call us prior to starting work on our camper, we told them we wanted to know why it wasn’t covered under warranty and to stop work. Lee says, “oh well, we started it and I’ll have to go see if I can stop him”. I called Lee the following day to gain more information on why it wasn’t covered. He told me the fridge company will not cover it under warranty because it’s usually caused due to the fridge being on during transport. I informed him we do not have the fridge on when we are traveling, and then asked why they didn’t call our warranty service company. I called our warranty company and they indicated that Pike’s Peak NEVER called them this time around, they only called back in March. I then called Pike’s Peak back and asked them to call our warranty company, they said “oh I already kicked it out, I think I can get it back in next week… A week goes by, and I call: “oh sorry, we didn’t get it in maybe next week”. They finally got our camper back in and called our warranty company and told them that the thermal fuse wasn’t working because we drove to our destination with the fridge on. WHICH WE DO NOT/DID NOT!! They also indicated they called the fridge company twice (back in March and July), the fridge company told them that it wasn’t covered under warranty… We call the fridge company ourselves and low and behold they have NO record of Pike’s Peak Travel Land calling them in March or in July. Yet another lie! I asked Pike’s Peak again what was broken and they informed me it was the thermal fuse (same one they supposedly replaced back in March?), I then asked what was replaced back in March and Lee tells me the “Dometic Recall Kit was replaced back in March”. In talking with our warranty company to gain clarification, they informed me that it was denied because the service department at Pike’s Peak told them, that we “drive with the fridge on during transport“ I then stated that that’s not the case, the warranty company told me only the service department can make changes and there really seems to be some confusion from the service department at Pike’s Peak. I called back and spoke to Brian, the service manager, who said that the fridge company covered our thermal fuse last time (wonder why they called our warranty company too). He then said “typically” the thermal fuse is caused by having the fridge on when driving (supposedly the fridge company that they DIDN’T call told them that). I informed him that they did not tell the warranty company “typically” they said that was the cause. Brian says “I will not lie to the warranty company” … Well sir you just did. He became very aggravated with my questions and started to raise his voice at me and talked over me and became very unprofessional. My husband and I were told 4 different things by Pike’s Peak. Which one is the truth? 1. The thermal fuse was a recall. 2. The fridge company covered the thermal fuse or thermal recall kit, however they called my warranty company to be paid after the service was complete. 3. The “thermal Recall kit” was replaced back in March not the thermal fuse. 4. The thermal fuse was replaced in March. 5. Called the fridge company but didn’t actually call them. Their story changes depending on what you’re asking. They’re not trustworthy and have no customer service whatsoever. They are doing dirty business trying to double dip on repairs while fraudulently holding the manufacturers and service warranty companies responsible for their shortfalls.

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