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    McClain’s RV SuperStore is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Fort Worth, TX area.

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          Cosette Falter

          Posted: 2022-04-14 23:10:16

          Service Manager was very inconsiderate and rude to my son who is a disabled veteran. I don’t think we will return to McLains for another business transaction!

          Class A - Diesel

          Posted: 2010-12-16 00:00:00

          Cabinet track replacement, back up monitor switch settings Work done well, according to schedule, reasonable price.

          5th Wheel Trailer

          Posted: 2008-07-01 00:00:00

          Minor warranty adjustments: bolt on toilet, washer on cook-top, TV volume, couch stability rod. Our 5th wheel was dropped off at McClains July 16. They have lied to us and put us off for over a month. We still do not have our trailer back and there is little concern over giving us a completion date.

          5th Wheel Trailer

          Posted: 2008-02-06 00:00:00

          Warranty repair list. They always treat me great. I can always talk to the tech that does the work.

          Class A - Gasoline

          Posted: 2007-07-01 00:00:00

          We purchase a new motorhome and found several problems with numerous repairs needed: 1.) Slide-out was leaking and seals needed replaced. 2.) Ram rubber gaskets were damaged and needed replaced. 3.) No fantastic fan thermostat or remote control was installed but was purchased. 4.) Screen entry door was not level and door frame was scratched. Door needed to be leveled and the frame needed painted. 5.) The carpet was sticky and needed steam cleaned. 6.) The dash A/C was not working. 7.) The RV was not level. Bubble leveler needed to be leveled. 8.) Sofa cushions were ripped and frayed. 9.) The dog house cover carpeting was frayed. 10.) No television reception with antenna use. 11.) There was hole visible on the inside of the coach where light could be seen from outside when the slide-out was open. 12.) The basement storage compartments were wet. The slide-out seals were to be replaced prior to us picking up the motorhome following our purchase. However, in one week given for McClain's to prep our RV, the seals were not replaced and the coach was not ready for pick-up. June 21, 2007: Selected new 2007 National Sea Breeze RV; gave deposit to dealership & arranged pick up of detailed RV on Thursday, June 28, 2007 at 5pm; agreed that slide-out seals needed to be replaced, and that vent covers and the satellite TV would be installed. June 22, 2007 - June 28, 2007: Spoke with McClain's numerous times about picking up RV on June 28th. Returned calls to McClain's to answer questions about the satellite and to verify the pick-up time on the 28th. June 28, 2007: Talked to the salesman earlier in the day to change our pick up time to earlier in the day. Then, we received phone call at 4pm from the salesman to ask about rescheduling pick-up for the next day. The motorhome was not cleaned or prepped yet. We could not reschedule the pick-up due to prior travel arrangements and a paid, non-refundable reservation. The salesman agreed that we could complete the necessary paperwork while the service dept finished RV preparations. June 28, 2007: We went to pick up the motorhome. We completed all the paperwork since RV was not yet ready. We met with the service tech who assured us that all fluids had been checked. Upon inspection, the service tech made a list of necessary repairs that would be completed on the Monday following our trip and the return of RV to dealership. Because detailing was not done thoroughly, the salesman said they would clean both the inside and outside again when we returned the RV for repairs. We asked about the slide-out seals and were assured by the tech that the slide-out seals were replaced although our inspection showed this to be untrue. The service tech provided us with a list of needed repairs including: the dash A/C was not working, two mirrors were sagging in the frames, the carpet was frayed, slide-out seals needed double checked for damage, TV reception was poor and that RV needed detailed. As we attempted to drive away, a warning light indicated a problem with the leveling jacks. Upon checking, the service tech discovered the fluid was low and refilled the fluid. Note that we had been assured all fluids were previously checked. As we drove away, we noticed there was no license plate. The salesman applied a new temporary license plate to vehicle. July 2, 2007: We delivered the RV to McClain's for repairs. A list of all repairs, as well as photographs, was given to the service department. July 6, 2007: We called McClain's and were told by the service department that they had not yet had time to take a look at the RV. July 7, 2007: We called the sales representative at McClain's. We voiced our concern that service, and our treatment thus far, was unacceptable. The salesman said the manager would call us back. July 7, 2007: Rob Ellis, the assistant manager, called us at home. Rob said their handling of the situation was unacceptable and that he would look into the matter and call us back on Monday. We explained that we wanted a replacement for the RV given the long list of problems and that it was supposedly a new RV. Rob said to come in and meet with the salesman. We met with the salesman and discovered another 2007 National Sea Breeze #1321 at the McClain's in Rockwall. We met with Rob and he said they would first try to repair our "new" RV. We expressed concerns about mold under the wet carpet, the lengthy time it would take to make repairs, the extensive list of problems with the new RV, the condition of a supposedly new RV, etc. We stated they wanted a replacement or our traded RV returned to us and the sale canceled. Rob said he would look into these possibilities and contact us on Monday. He stated that no staff was there today to check on the progress of paperwork, i.e. title transfer, etc. July 7 - July 27, 2007: We made repeated phone calls to/from McClain's and 2-3 visits to the dealership for updates on repairs. We were regularly assured the RV would be fully repaired with various completion dates given. Met with the service tech who said he was regularly called to work on other coaches but that he was trying his best to get our RV repairs completed. July 27, 2007: We stopped by McCalin's. We met with the service dept manager and general manager, Keith Parker. Not many repairs were completed. Keith said parts would be overnighted and promised the RV would be done by Tuesday. July 28, 2008: We stopped by dealership to view the RV and check the repair progress. We were told the mirrors were ordered but had not yet arrived. We were told the seals had arrived on Friday after being overnighted (following our complaint to the general mgr., Keith Parker). The slide toppers not yet replaced. Nothing was done to deteriorated ram rubber part were ordered. Caulking was used to fill the multiple gaps in the basement storage compartment. We were assured by the service tech that this would prevent water from entering the basement storage compartments. The dog house carpet was repaired. The sofa arms were replaced. The screen door was leveled but the door frame damage was not painted. The carpet was not yet cleaned but the service tech said it was being done today. The discolored, damaged cabinet was not stained. The discolored, damaged linoleum was not yet replaced. We were told the linoleum was ordered but had not yet arrived. The fantastic fan remote/thermostat was not installed. The exterior door had been cleaned with bleach to fade the sun damage. Some damage was still evident but overall, it was improved. There was no interior or exterior detailing completed. David had spent the day attempting to repair the television but he had not yet determined the problem. We again spoke with Keith Parker to advise him that we were very displeased with the slow progress. There were numerous repairs still not completed. Keith promised to call on Monday with a resolution. July 30, 2007: No phone call was received from Keith Parker; We called him at 4:39 pm and were told he would call back. Again, no phone call was received from Keith Parker. We called him again just before closing time and Keith finally came to the phone. Keith said the RV was finished and the sticky carpet was being steam cleaned at that moment. July 31, 2007: A service department rep called and said the RV was finished and ready for pick-up. When asked about specific repairs, he said the carpet was being steam cleaned now (heard this already twice before) and the RV exterior was being power washed. He said one mirror arrived cracked so another replacement was ordered. Nothing had been done about the missing fan control and thermostat. The rep said he would talk to Keith about this. The linoleum was not yet replaced. The ram rubber gasket was not replaced. The rep said these items were ordered and that a service tech would come to our house to install once they arrived. Overall, this has been a nightmare! We purchased a new RV and have had a difficult time getting necessary repairs completed. We have been outright lied to on repeated occasions by McClain's RV. Basically, it appears they have our money and could care less about the product, somewhat of a lemon, they sold us. We will never buy another RV from McClain's and would suggest nobody has any repair, or other work, done by this dealership.

          Class A - Diesel

          Posted: 2007-04-27 00:00:00

          Repair stripped out cap end mounting bolts in bedroom slide mechanism. Mfg had recommended tapping out holes and installing larger bolts. I made an appointment 2 weeks out, at which time the Asst Service Mgr refused to order a part (a dust cover) I knew would be needed, telling me they could not order any parts until after their service techs have looked at the coach. I arrived early on the day of our appointment to check in. When the Service Mgr learned I planned to wait, he told me, "We don't make appointments for same day service. We only make drop off appointments. I don't know when we'll get you in. There are 14 ahead of you." We had been there twice the previous month, both times for same day appointments!!! (The second visit was required because they failed to do the job properly on the first visit). I told him we would wait & see. Just after noon I got a call on my cell phone to come to the Service office. Two techs explained that they had used Loctite to insert one of the original bolts. They said the other was too stripped to do anything with, and that their "repair might last forever." They said there was nothing else they could do short of total replacement of the hydraulic ram requiring 10 or more hours labor and we would have to be "totally out of the coach" for several days. This was AFTER I had told the Service Mgr that I had talked to both the coach mfg and the slide mfg and BOTH had said the holes could be tapped out & larger bolts installed. It seemed they just wanted a quick fix to get me out of the way. AND their "repair" that cost me $106.00 failed the next time the slide was used. This is the second time we have had this kind of "slap it together" service experience with this service dept. Over the next week, I searched out larger bolts and the tools required to do it myself. Fortunately, we had the time to spend in the local area so I could do the repair myself. I will also order the dust cover myself, and install it.

          Class A - Diesel

          Posted: 2007-04-04 00:00:00

          Check/repair roof cap both sides sealant on motorhome we purchased from one of their other locations almost 4 years prior. We had an appointment to have our roof cap side sealant checked/repaired as required at least annually by Winnebago roof warranty. We arrived early, they finally took the rig into the shop sometime after lunch and were finished in about two hours after doing their "roof reseal package." It was near the end of the day so we returned to our RV park across town. When I checked their work a couple of days later I found they had put caulk over all the roof caulk around vents, etc, but had done nothing with the roof cap side seams that I knew needed some attention. I called, explained my concern, and got another appointment for the following week. This time they got me in on arrival and put an experienced tech on the job. I was told the tech who did the previous work was "no longer with the company" due to poor performance, and that this tech would recheck everything. He worked on it nearly all day, most of the time on the roof cap side sealant that was ignored the first time, doing the kind of thorough job I had expected before. There was no charge at all to me for the second appointment. Their service was poor the first time, but they really made up for it on my return visit.

          5th Wheel Trailer

          Posted: 2006-05-01 00:00:00

          Some minor warranty work and refrigerator fans replaced in May and some A/C work done in July of 2006. We purchased a KZ Escalade from them in Feb. 2006 and have been treated very well and with respect. Because we full-time in our RV, they give us prompt service.

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