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    Giant RV is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Corona, CA area.

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        Mobile Repair


        5th Wheel Trailer Tow Vehicle

        Posted: 2013-07-26 00:00:00

        Purchased a new Cyclone 3100 and after our first trip we had a small number of minor warranty items to fix. We also wanted one modification that we would pay for. 1. Rear awning lights blow fuse when turned on. 2. Counter top needs polished. 3. Antenna Crank needs to be shortened. 4. Sony stereo needs to be replaces. 5. Warped kitchen cabinet door needs replaced. 6. Flip sliding glass door. My Expense. After having the unit for two weeks, the only thing done was the mod we paid for, sliding glass door. No warranty work. They claim to have submitted the paperwork, but had not heard anything from Heartland. I had sent them the list prior to my arrival and had contacted Heartland to give them heads up. There should not have been a 2 week delay. When I picked up the trailer for our next trip, they said they would call when the warranty parts came in and they could get them installed. Three weeks later, I received a call stating that everything came in and I could drop it off. I informed them that the sliding glass door, which I paid to have flipped, is now sticking and needs to be adjusted, in addition to some new-found issues. 7. Bedroom door needs to be adjusted to allow it to close. 8. Vacuum turns on but not off. 9. Rear entry door is difficult to open/close completely. So...a week goes by and I follow-up. They are working on all requested repairs and waiting for warranty authorization. WARRANTY AUTHORIZATION ON WHAT???? They submitted warranty request on the shoddy workmanship that I paid for to have the sliding glass door fixed. Two weeks go by and they have completed some, but not all. Three weeks go by, I give up and go to pick up the trailer. There was NOTHING done except swapping out a stereo! None of the other work they claimed to have done had even been started. They said they would call me when they hd an opening in their schedule to complete the work. By now, I have given up on Giant RV and just want the sliding glass door fixed. I called and found the original service writer Billy is no longer working up front, but rather turning the wrenches in the back. I now have to repeat the entire scenario to a new service writer. He explained that the only way to get work done is to drop off the trailer with a list of items to work on. Wait approximately three weeks for them to get around to looking at your rig, then another 3-4 weeks for the work to be completed. If you can't leave it for 6-8 weeks, then reschedule for when you can. So, as I sit and type this letter, I am waiting for my sliding glass door to be fixed. November 22, 2013 Nearly 4 months later and 3 items have been repaired/replaced properly. There are still 5 items outstanding. Poor. The work that actually got done was not great. The antenna crank was cut off and a cheap looking replacement handle was used. The sliding glass door that was flipped is sticky at the top and appears to not be sitting correctly. The counter top polish is actually pretty good. But, we were standing there watching and had the guy redo it 3 times!

        Travel Trailer

        Posted: 2013-03-05 00:00:00

        HORRIBLE!!! Liers and flakes. Couldn't get anything done in a timely manner. Had our trailer for 2 months and only worked on it for the last week. BEWARE!!!! Very POOR SERVICE. Sloopy work!!! tried to cover up damage they did to our trailer while in service....SHADDY We brought the trailer into Giant in Corona on March 5th, 2013 in the morning for warranty work. We then followed Matt over to service where we all met with the service manager Dave. We went over all the issues we had with the trailer and I believe it was 15 different problems. We were told by Dave that he would submit the issues right away for warranty and get working on it right away.He would have it ready in 3 weeks. On Wednesday the 27th my wife called Dave to confirm that we would have it by 3pm. Dave said he was not able to get any parts in so no work was done on it. He would have it to us about 3:30pm. That was fine. After we got it back and went inside we saw that the stove was taken apart and not put back together. The parts were lying on the couch which was made down into the bed position. The parts had shifted and left a large scratch in the back panel of the dinette. Also the bottom bunk was turned over and the mattress was folded in half and shoved in the corner. The pilot in the oven was left on and the oven was HOT! They transported it with the pilot on. And to top it off it was so so dirty!!! All the metal shavings that were in the hood vent we're still all over the counter. We called and talked to Dave about it all and all he could do was say sorry. We had the trailer picked up again on April 8th. After a week Shawn Mapes the service manager called to let me know that he was still waiting for parts and would call me back the next week. We did not receive a call so on Friday, April 26 my wife called to talk to Shawn.. When she asked why it was taking so long for parts that should have been ordered around March 5th he seemed totally unaware that they had had our trailer for so long. He then told my wife that the part was taking so long because everybody at Evo quit three weeks ago. She explained to him our parts should've been ordered in March and he still blamed it on the fact that everybody was quitting at Evo. He said that he would call and get an update on Monday and get back to us. After that conversation my wife called Mike Murphy at the corporate office. She left him a message with a brief description on our complaints and concerns. On Saturday, April 27 I received a phone call from Shawn stating that they got a call from Mike to get the trailer fixed ASAP. He said he would have everything done and ready to go before the day was over on Monday. He called us Monday evening around 4:30 and left a voicemail letting us know it was already for us to come and inspect it. We called him back on Tuesday and didn't hear anything back so called again Wednesday, May 1 and let them know we were going to be coming down at 10 AM to look at our trailer. Shawn was not in and we were told we would be dealing with Dominic. Dominic took us out to our trailer and we all inspected it together. Although somethings were fixed fine, many things were fixed but only half ass. Here's a list of the current issues we still have with the trailer. The back skirting underneath the right rear of the trailer was screwed back in with drywall screws instead of sheet metal screws. The swivel wall that the TV is mounted to was replaced but still has scuffs and scratches and the lock is too low which does not allow it to rotate completely around. When they reinstalled our TV onto it they screwed the screws into far which are now starting to protrude out of the back of the panel. We were also told by Dave that they installed a lock on the large drawer beneath the couch which rolls out during transit. There is no lock on that drawer at all and when the service department move our trailer it punched another hole in the same siding which we had a problem with before. They tried to cover up the hole with putty. There is also a rip in the leather like material on the right side dinette. This was not there when Giant RV picked it up last. And the last issue is the metal shavings in the hood vent were not cleaned out at all as you were told they would be. We also been told the trailer was cleaned and detailed and ready for us to pick up. When we got there that we realize this is not the case. The trailer has been washed on the outside but the inside was full of dirt.. Half ass work, liers, cheats, Poor service and horrible communication.

        Class A - Gasoline

        Posted: 2006-03-04 00:00:00

        Bought ours here. After it arrived we waited 3 weeks while the "prep" work was to be done. When we took delivery, it had not been cleaned, windshield had a chip, had not been gassed. Warranty work took weeks and poorly done. Their ad states "#1 RV Dealer in the US". It should read #1 from the bottom. Go to Altman's RV instead.

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