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    Giant RV – Colton is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Colton, CA area.

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        Class A - Diesel

        Posted: 2013-02-01 00:00:00

        They were suposed to adjust slideout for a hundred dollars. Thousands of dollars later and a week of motel and rental cost slideout is the same!! This place is a huge RIP OFF!!! I wish someone had told us about these crooks! We were 3,000 miles from home and were having problems with our slideout. We stopped at Giant RV. They said all it needed was an adjustment and would cost one hundred dollars. They also said they would do a courtesy inspection for free. We made the mistake of letting them know we had an extended warranty. When we came back to pick up our RV we were told our inverter was bad, the motor in our slide out need to replaced, and our refrigerator needed a part. We informed them that we would wait till we got home to get it repaired. When we got in our RV we noticed some of our lights were not coming on. Upon further inspection we notice the microwave didn?t work, both tv's, refrigerator, both furnaces and half the outlets weren't working. We informed them of this and were told that it is because of the inverter. I told them everything worked when we brought it in and I want it to work now. I had an argument with the service manager Tony, who was very rude. I then called the Vice President of the company, Mike Murphy, and explained what happen and how Tony treated us. Mike Murphy could care less! All he said is I trust Tony because he has worked here for a while. We knew what they did and we had no choice but to have them fix, they already put in a claim with our warranty company, all the so called problems and they also knew this. We needed our furnaces as we were headed to Flagstaff and it was 2 degrees. We needed our refrigerator to keep medicine cold and we needed the microwave and TV's as we had thousands of miles to travel. It took a week to fix. We had to pay for a motel room and rent a car for that week. We got in the RV and tried the slideout. They never adjusted the slideout, the reason we went there in the first place. At this point we just wanted to get as far away as possible. They scammed us plain and simple. Our warranty paid $1,800 and we paid a $1,000 for the repairs. If you go to these guys you will be SORRY!!! Giant RV RIP OFF!!!

        Class C

        Posted: 2010-05-07 00:00:00

        Tried, but failed, to fix slide in 2007 Class C Dual motor slide in 2007 Class C wasn't working. Initial diagnosis was broken actuator. They replaced actuator but slide still didn't work. We were told faulty decoders probably caused initial and continuing problems. Told us it would take two weeks to get part-- but actually took three weeks. After decoders finally replaced, slide still didn't work. This time we are told the older actuator/motor had broken and needed to be replaced. Claimed old actuator broke because old motor was "slower" than new motor. We decided at this point not to continue with them since we were traveling and the sequential breaking of parts gave us the impression they didn't know what they were doing. Cost us a lot of money since our warranty company won't pay unless we can say the problem has been fixed. Also frustrating was the lack of basic business management functions. Timetables/tracking of parts not done- 2 weeks slipped to 3 weeks for shipment of parts without any notification/followup/explanation.

        Class A - Diesel

        Posted: 2009-06-09 00:00:00

        Gas tank back splash They did not do the work refused to stand behind problem We are just posting this hoping that it might help someone else purchasing a new motorhome from falling into the same problem. In Feb we purchased a new 36' National RV Tropical for Giant RV in Colton CA. They were all friendly and helpful while we were looking and deciding but they seemed very much in a hurry for us to make the deal. Finally we did but with the agreement that they would take the RV and fill it with diesel before we picked it up and we would pay for the fuel. On the day we picked it up they had filled it and we left, about a week later we went on a 3 day trip during which we needed to re-fuel so we went to a truck stop and proceeded to start pumping. Right away about half of the diesel going in started back splashing onto my husbands hand and the ground, we would up taking about 25 minutes to fill very very slowly. Upon our return we took the RV back to the dealer and told him of the problem and that it had been delivered to us in that condition, oh, he said we don't stand behind that it is not a coach problem use your extended warranty and go to this particular repair shop. He also said be sure not to go to LA Freightliner they do not treat the customers well, we wound up going to LA Freightliner any way as the one that he told us about was only open 8-5 Mon to Fri. (very handy). At LA Freight they told us that the vent pipe was defective, they tried to call the extended warranty plan but they would not cover it, so I began calling everyone from a vice president on down at the dealer and I was told oh, no, we do not stand behind the products of companies that have gone bankrupt, (National RV did). :angry: I then said that during the sale we were told that if we purchased the warranty it would cover anything that National RV warranty would have. The gist of this is the dealer was dishonest and did not care, we are never going back there and LA Freightliner whom they told us not to go to was wonderful, they even called Freightliner as that is what our chassis is they explained our problem and how we were being treated by the dealer and Freightliner payed the repair. Just be careful to get in writing what the dealer will stand behind and what the warranty will stand behind before you take the coach off of the lot. Granted we should not have fallen in this as we have owned RVs for 20 years but oh well..

        Class A - Diesel

        Posted: 2009-02-27 00:00:00

        Adjust galley slide for proper seal alignment 07 National RV Pacifica. A former National RV technician is on staff there. Excellent and quick. A bit pricey, but we negotiated a proper price.

        Class C

        Posted: 2006-04-04 00:00:00

        Black water holding tank had been leaking from day-one. 4/4/06 was Giant RV - Colton's 1st attempt to fix. It failed. After EIGHT [8] attempts to fix the leak, it was successfully fixed. It took over two months of repeated trips to get tank fixed. Very nice people but must question competence and quality control when it takes eight times to fix a leak. In process, collateral damage to RV occurred [stripped threads, mars & scars, etc.]

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