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6821 Gila Ridge Rd
Yuma, AZ 85365

    County RV Repair is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the YUMA, AZ area.

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        • This facility accepts extended RV warranties, including policies sold by Wholesale Warranties.


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        Ken Richardson

        Posted: 2023-06-02 21:44:47

        I’m very happy to leave a review so any RV owner will be for warned. There should be. minus button. I have a 22’ Roadtrek with Onan generator that would shut down like it ran out of gas. Chris assured me they could get me on the road quickly. Their office has a large sign on the wall that read, $140 an hour. I fully realize that parts would be extra. They didn’t have a lift. Spent a lot of time with blocks and jacks. Mechanic pulled the carb out n 5 minutes. He asked if I wanted a new one. I said it has less than 100 hrs. No- I stayed in the shop. He laid it on the bench and sprayed it with break fluid and left for 40 minutes. I went looking for him. He was working on another RV. He came back and looked for a gasket for 10 minutes. I asked, can I help you find something? The shop was a mess. I found the gasket. He left again, so I went looking for him. Oh, he had to relieve his self. He came back to the shop and grabbed his lunch. He spent 20 minutes actually on the carb at this point. Van was in the shop at 10: AM. Chris could see I was frustrated. Chris grabbed the carb and put it on, It started perfectly. Chris went behind the van and told the mechanic not to pull the jack out. He said this is not going to end well. He didn’t know I was just a few feet away and heard all. Chris admonished me to go to the office right now. The secretary had the bill ready. Now it was 12:30. This is two and one half hours of total time at this shop. $140. an hr. The bill was $428.09. I said: total time I was here is 2.5 hours. Chris said, we’re not done yet. I said oh yes you are, I’m leaving now. They stalled for over one hr, literally took a lunch break and then padded the bill for an extra $70 bucks. I wish everyone with an RV could be ‘For Warned’ they are not honorable. $428.77 (part $8.09) later we left.

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