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    Classic Coach Works is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Lakeland, FL area.

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        Mobile Repair


        Class A - Diesel

        Posted: 2012-08-10 00:00:00

        Converted coach to household refrigeration going from a 12 ft double door absorption unit to a 18 ft French door Samsung. Couldn't be more pleased with both the workmanship, timeliness, and price. Recommend them highly for all types of work.

        Class A - Diesel

        Posted: 2012-04-23 00:00:00

        I know that the "owners" will come up with a rebuttal to my comments on our experience with Classic Coach Motorworks so I will keep this factual based on MY experience. Classic Coach Works is owned by a son and father team, Alan and Greg. Their motto is "The customer is NOT always right." While traveling in central Florida in our 40ft our grey water tank valve broke in the open position so we had to find a place that could fix it for us. Classic Coach Works (CCW) was just a few miles out of our way home in FL, so we decided to get the work done there. CCW also does renovations so we decided to get some additional work done: 1. Install a SeeLevel Tank Gauge system with two monitors. $1531.00 2. Mount a TV and DVD player in the basement for outside viewing. $891.00 3. Build a walnut storage cabinet under an existing cabinet where we could store bread, chips, etc. $395.00 4. Install a black water tank flush system and reconfigure my wet bay piping so I could grab the dump valves directly. My coach had cable pulls to operate the valves and these always broke - which is the original reason we stopped here. Total cost of this project: $1021.00 6. Build and install a custom computer desk. $2,295.00 7. Install a new FM/AM radio with remote control. $295.00 8. Remove the existing storage cabinet on the passenger side and relocate it to the basement for use as an outside table/bar. $197.00 ( IMO they charged me too much for this, but I just paid it). A call was made to CCW and I was told they could do the work and to bring my coach in for an estimate. I was greeted by Alan, the owners son, and he started to give me a tour of their facilities which consisted of looking at their show room furniture, new flooring, etc. I politely asked Alan if we could skip this tour and let's get out to my RV because my wife and dog had been waiting around for about 90 minutes by now. He got flustered and on our way out to my RV I had to look at the carpenter shop and 2 other RV's that were in the process of getting new floors installed. Really dude? I just told you I was in a hurry. We finally made it to our coach and after discussing the work to be done I was told by Alan that they could get the work done in 5 to 7 weeks. Alan wanted to give me a quote on-the-spot, but I wanted to get home, it had been 3 hours by now, so I asked him to email me the estimate. Three days later I get the estimate. Four weeks go by and I have heard nothing from CCW regarding the status of work being done so I email Alan directly and ask him to email me back or call me and get me up to date. It took this guy SIX days to open and reply to my email, yes, they have programs to track when emails are opened. Even after he opened my email asking him to call me, I had to run him down with the phone to get a status of my completion date. When I asked him why it was taking so long he told me, "We have been really busy with snow birds and haven't gotten much done on your RV" because you told us that you weren't in a hurry. In other words - I had been bumped back. I DID tell them I wasn't in a hurry, but THEY told me 5-7 weeks. I dropped of my RV at CCW on Jan. 28th. I picked it up on April 23rd. TWELVE weeks later my coach is finally finished. Had to cancel attending a FT rally in the panhandle! The quality of the work is "satisfactory" in my opinion, but the lack of follow up and/or status reports from the owner(s) is terrible. Even though I asked Alan to let me know if they had any problems, I seldom heard from him until it was time to collect the final bill. My Issues With CCW: 1. We wanted a storage cabinet with a tambour door (like a roll top desk) so we could access the cabinet when our slide was in. They couldn't get the door to work because they thought I was going to store my coffee pot in the cabinet. I SPECIFICALLY told Alan not to worry about that $10 coffee pot because I could always move it. He didn't remember THAT conversation so the cabinet was built with 2 doors instead. In order to access the contents now my slide has to be out because of the swing out doors. NO ONE called us to inform us that they had made any changes to our initial design request. Totally INAPPROPRIATE in my opinion. I asked for and was willing to pay for a specific design that was changed without my knowledge. When we arrived to settle our "balance due" CCW still wanted me to pay the extra $200 for my tambour door cabinet. I didn't. I can't prove this, but when I dropped off my RV my backup camera was working just fine. When I picked it up the monitor didn't work. I DO know that someone spliced some video wires together under the dash to try and get my monitor working. CCW did have to cut some wires because the backup monitor was also my old tank level gauges. I just decided to get away from CCW and get a new camera from some where else to the tune of $750. I would NEVER bring my RV here for more work unless it was a critical emergency and I would NEVER recommend Classic Coach Works in Lakeland, FL to any of my RV friends. Well, that was MY experience anyways. Sub par. Never take your coach to this place!

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