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    Camping World of Conway is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Center Conway NH area.

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          Posted: 2013-07-17 00:00:00

          I purchased a camper at Camping World in Center Conway New Hampshire. It?s been a nightmare. On July 15th we went to Camping World to pick up the camper. We were told that they would go straight thru the camper and fix everything, clean everything , and made sure everything worked. We paid over 500.00 for that service when we got there the camper was not ready, They told us it take two-hour for them to go over the camper showing us how to use it. the guy there had no idea how anything work, he would not let us ask question he said it would make him lose his train of though. There were a lot of switches we had no idea how to use, he did not know how to even work the TV. He spent 20 minutes and then left cause he did not know the answer to our question the service tech help a little more but it was a bad experience. Things did not work, and they never cleaned or went thru the camper. We got the camper home and we were packing to leave I went to make the bed and was horrified the top of the bed and the closet was soaked and molded, the camper was never gone thru. There was dishes in the stove and tin foil and thing still left in the cabinets. The water damage was terrible we removed the shelf to look behind the bed and closet it was wet and mildew and lot of mold I have a mold allergy and my mom has lung cancer. the gas was never filled the camper never cleaned and the list goes on not enough room to list all the problems. I called them and they picked up the camper, they fixed the leaks with a half assed job and never cleaned up the mold. When we got the camper back they stapled the shelf never even put the screw back in or filled the screw holes. So we could not get behind the bed or closet they never took care of the mold, never touched anything behind the bed area, never cleaned under the mattress still wet and molded. The chalking on the outside is terrible they stated they found over 20 leaks and fixed them. But it looks like crap like a five-year old did the caulking. The slide they said had to be fixed so they fixed it and again half assed job, the never even finished putting all the parts on the slide and the slide stated to fall apart. The slide leaks over by the kitchen and they stated the pieces were bent and they straighten them which bent again when the slide was put back out the parts should have been replaced the slide looks like it has had damage that was never disclosed to us. The toilet doesn?t stop running when you flush. The gauges for the tanks do not work right and the admitted that they did not clean or go thru the camper before we picked it up they said they went thru the wrong camper and never did anything to ours in error, so far I have used the camper for seven nights and the mold has not been good for my elderly mom with lung cancer or for me with lupus and mold allergies. We would have picked out a different camper if we knew about the mold, the mold could have serious health problems for both of us. Now the stress is making me sick I can not go on with these problems and would like a full refund for the camper. They have the camper and state we bought as is and we did not. Last time I called on the camper I got an attitude and I do not need to deal with that. Not done there still have the camper for almost a month now.

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