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    Camping World is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Colfax, NC area.

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        Mobile Repair


        Travel Trailer

        Posted: 2013-03-15 00:00:00

        My wife and I own a 2012 Keystone Sprinter travel trailer. We are wanting to trade it in for a 5th Wheel since we just purchased a Ford F350 that can handle it. We had just finished a camping trip and found that the water heater stopped working. It is still under warranty so I called Ft. Myers, Florida Camping World service and set up an appointment for have it repaired before we traded it in on a new Camping World 5th Wheel. My appointment was scheduled for today at 10:30 am. Yesterday my wife called Camping World sales and told them we were interested in purchasing a new 5th Wheel from them. She told Dwight (salesman) we would be in today to drop off our Sprinter for repairs before we trade it in. Dwight said he would be waiting for us, and he was. I approached the service counter this morning to drop it off. A gentleman behind the counter who was just standing there asked what I needed. I told him of the appointment. He pointed to another man behind the counter who on talking on the phone and said go see him. We did, and when this gentleman got off the phone he completed the work order. He was not a pleasant person at all, but my wife and I ignored that. When he was done with the work order my wife reminded him that our travel trailer has a "Hensley" hitch. He then looked at us and told me I had to remove the hitch. I said, "What?" He said they would not work on my water heater with a Hensley hitch installed and that I needed to removed it. I told him I have brought this trailer with the same hitch here for repairs a number of times and he repeated, I have to remove the hitch. I told him I cannot remove the hitch, then he said they would remove it, but I would have to pay them to do so. I asked him to check with his manager. He agreed, left and a couple of minutes later returned and said the manager said I had to remove the Hensley hitch. I am just floored now! I asked to speak with the service manager, and he took me to him. The service manager told me I had to remove the Hensley hitch. I asked if I could just keep the truck hooked up to the trailer and he said no. I told the service manager I was here to buy a new 5th Wheel RV and I was to trade this one in, and I just needed to get the repairs made. He said I still needed to remove the Hensley Hitch so they can repair the hot water heater. I was blown away!!! Are you kidding me? If these guys are not capable with working with a simple Hensley hitch, what qualifies them to work on an RV trailer or even a motor coach! We found our salesman, told him the story and told him we would not be purchasing a 5th Wheel from this business, and we would never return her again. My wife and I have been Good Sams members for year. What they did to us was insulting!!! We went to the parking lot, called "The RV Doctor" and he told us to bring it right over. He thought it funny that Camping World could not deal with a Hensley hitch. Right up the street is North Trail RV, and in the past they have worked on our travel trailer with no problems with a Hensley Hitch. It is apparent this organization needs some training, and the need to learn some manners on how to deal with customers. Work was not done.

        Class A - Gasoline

        Posted: 2010-03-11 00:00:00

        Went in for an oil change. Part of the job included lubing the chassis. They didn't grease it as advertised. I had to do it myself when I discovered it a day later. I was the last job of the day so maybe they were just trying to get me out the door.

        5th Wheel Trailer

        Posted: 2010-02-23 00:00:00

        Evaluation of landing jack failure. I?ve been full timing for 10 years, have seen a lot of RV service facilities including many Camping World locations that we were pleased with. Went here because of disabled fiver landing jacks, a fairly urgent problem. Called a few days ahead for a service appointment. A very pleasant RV technician inspected my rig, found several problems including a broken shear pin; he made valiant attempts including catalog searches, Internet searches, and several phone calls to locate a source for that part without success even though the dealership stocks my brand of fiver. I then stood in line at the service desk for 30 minutes during which one customer ordered one part, I asked for discussion of options for my repairs; to fix or upgrade my present system, get another brand, etc. ?The only products we will consider are those in our catalogs that have proven reliable; a 6000 pound capacity electric (which is the same capacity as my failed system) or this 28000 pound (and frightfully expensive) hydraulic system. Ordering parts will take about 2 weeks; AFTER the parts arrive, we will schedule an appointment in about 2 weeks. Expect a minimum of one month to completion. If you want to discuss warranty or extended warranty service, go across the highway to our sales division.? I went to the sales division, asked for discussion of options. Rude reply: ?We don?t discuss anything or give any over the counter advice until AFTER an inspection; I can schedule you for an inspection in 2 weeks.? The entire place has an air of harried, rigid, confused, confusing, dysfunctional frustration. Service staff are not efficient; they were constantly ?churning? with little accomplished. It took 20 minutes to pay my bill because of dysfunctional billing and computer systems. ?Waiting Area? is primitive and uncomfortable; 6 straight back chairs in cramped 12 X 12 open area next to service desk where customers can see, hear, and feel other customer?s frustrations and unhappiness. We went to another place to deal with our jacks.

        5th Wheel Trailer

        Posted: 2008-06-18 00:00:00

        Bearing repack, brake adjustment, suspension/tires/wheels inspection. Just found this site. Had to add this Camping World even though service was 2 years ago. It was the best I've experienced - people, quality, attention to detail, keeping me informed. I stayed the night and they provided electric, 30 amp.

        Class A - Diesel

        Posted: 2008-01-09 00:00:00

        Norcold 1200 fridge not working on LP. Cleaned burner and orifice, tested elements, checked all electrical/electronic components, adjusted LP system pressure from 9"WC to 11"WC, leak tested LP system. Work was done in a very timely and professional manner. Very knowledgeable tech and took time to explain system and what I could do to prevent more troubles. Coach returned as clean as dropped off.

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