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    Campbell RV is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Sarasota, FL area.

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    Services Offered

    Coach Components
    • Slide-Out and Awning Systems
    • Leveling Jacks and Systems
    • Septic System and Holding Tanks
    • Plumbing and Fresh Water Systems
    • Hot Water Tanks
    • Heating and Air Conditioning
    • Electrical Systems and Components
    • Refrigerators
    • Television and Audio Systems
    • Roofing and Leak Repair
    • Generator Repair
    • Power Steps
    • Collision Repair
    Chassis Systems
    • Brakes and Braking Components
    Services and Maintenance
    • Battery Replacement
    • Oil Change

    Facility Type

    • RV Repair
    • Trailer
    • Showroom

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    • discover
    • amex
    • mastercard
    • cash
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    • This facility accepts extended RV warranties, including policies sold by Wholesale Warranties.


    Mobile Repair


    John Garber

    Posted: 2024-03-30 20:29:42

    We have a 2003 National Seabreeze that needs a slide-out fixed. The slid out got bent when closing it and the wood rotted out onside slide-out and needs support and it is bent at edges. We need a mobile repair, at 1020 136TH ST Bradenton FL 34212. This Motorhome is located beside Christian Retreat. Was wondering also, what is the cost of repair fir this? Thanks, John

    Travel Trailer

    Posted: 2009-07-27 00:00:00

    1- New front jack 2- Rear slide malfunction 3- Seal roof, compartments 4- Brake regulator 5- Accessorize (max vents, bike rack receiver) I purchased my Gulfstream Gulfbreeze travel trailer from Campbell RV in Sarasota (our family's first RV). I did run into some issues during our maiden voyage in the travel trailer (listed above) but I can't thank the group (Kevin, David, Barry & Jerome) for really taking care of me. As a new owner of a RV, these guys were REALLY patient with me. Barry even took my call over the holiday weekend to help me through our first trip. From the sale to the servicing, Campbell RV took care of my family's needs and budget. I would strongly recommend these guys as you won't get this kind of service from the bigger dealers. I did my research.

    Class A - Gasoline

    Posted: 2006-04-06 00:00:00

    Bottom Line: These are some really nice people and they treated us well; however, they do not understand dash AC systems or dash wiring in general. They also don't pay a lot of attention to detail. Now the long version: Returned a second time for repair that couldn't be completed on first visit back in March. Dash wiring harness for heat and AC controls had shorted, smoked, burned, melted, etc. They ordered new harness, found additional damage, ordered additional harness, tested, tried things out, burned out 2nd harness and had to repair it. Obtained schematics from the manufacturer. I finally studied schematic myself (old electronic tech) and told them what the problem was. Fan relay control side shorted to positive, when ground is applied by pressure switch wiring harness burns up. They couldn't find the relay (and we'd already been there a week) so I asked them to rig up a quick work-around with a manual switch to control the condenser fan. During the week, they had replaced the compressor. The new one had 2 pulleys, and they ran the belt on the wrong one, so the belt failed about 200 miles up the road and had to be replaced. Again, very nice people, and Barry treated us OK on the bill considering they failed to fix the root cause of the problem. I hesitated to write this up until now (a couple months later) because I wanted to get the whole thing fixed and know what I was talking about before being critical of them. So don't avoid them based on this review except for Chassis Wiring issues and Dash AC. I've heard from other customers they are really good with RV appliances, brakes, generators, etc.

    Class A - Gasoline

    Posted: 2006-03-07 00:00:00

    1. Troubleshoot & repair Autopark brake on 1995 P30 Chassis 2. Troubleshoot & repair shift lever binding 3. Troubleshoot & repair dash AC/Heating harness burned up Items 1 and 2 completed on this visit and the rating given is for those alone. They started on item 3 and we returned later for it to be completed, I have a separate review written for that. I've known exactly what was wrong with the AutoPark for a year now, but have been waiting to find someone capable of understanding it and fixing it. It's an intermittent problem of not being able to back up when engine is hot. I told them exactly what was wrong, and after they looked in the wrong places for a while I told them again. Mechanic was a really nice guy, but new to RV's and took a while to pick up on things. Shifting lever issue was related and that was repaired too. Autopark Switch and some related assembly replaced. Service Manager (Barry) is a really good guy and treated us very well. Let us dry camp in their parking lot the whole week while repairs were going on. He was fair to us on repair bill too.

    Class A - Gasoline

    Posted: 2005-05-16 00:00:00

    Fixed our Onan Generator when we were visiting Florida from Michigan. Cummins service had not returned our calls over the weekend, and we were very frustrated when we finally found these great people. The generator had a controller go out due to a power surge which had subsequently damaged the switch box in the motorhome. Barry and RC stuck with our problem until they got it fixed, staying after hours, and making special accommodations for our pets so they didn't get over heated. They didn't even charge for all the time that was spent, because they tried to make an economical fix and ended up having to replace an expensive part.

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