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    Boat N RV Warehouse – RV Repair

    Boat N RV Warehouse is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Ridgeland, SC area.

    RV Repair Direct requests that all past and present customers of this RV Repair Facility leave an honest and detailed review of the service they received. These reviews will help fellow RVers to make confident decisions on where to take their RV for repair in the geographic area of their choice. The reviews below are the opinions of RV Repair Direct readers, and do not reflect the endorsement or opinion of this website.

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          5th Wheel Trailer

          Posted: 2012-10-25 00:00:00

          Had a problem with my slides on my 5'r not going out. I was greeted by Richard the morning we brought it in. Very nice gentleman. Found that I had a bad solenoid, he quickly diagnosed it, replaced it and we were on our way. Price was fair and I was informed of the cost before work was done. He saved our vacation.

          5th Wheel Trailer

          Posted: 2008-10-20 00:00:00

          1. Some chipping on bottom of slides. 2. Defective charge controller. 3. Slide adjustment 4. Leaking waste gate. 5. Jenson TV turning on by itself. Very POOR First attempt they refused to fix the TV and painted the bottom of the slides and stated that is how the factory told them to fix it. The charge controller didn't work and the refused to adjust the slides. When I went to pick up the camper I actually drove past my camper as the storage area was all disassembled (to gain access to charge controller). The service writer closed my storage door and said, "here you go". I opened the door and said, "what about this"... he replies, "that's how it came in"... Which I have to admit I flew off the handle and accused him of doing crack. I also pointed out the instruction manual to the new charge controller lying next to the disassembled parts. He then checked with the "OTHER" repair person who said he took the area apart. I then left with the camper and called the manufacture. They laughed at the dealers claims and called them to set them straight. They also instructed them on the proper repairs. I get the camper back the second time and the dealer claims to have stepped up and actually did things gratis. Which was a lie as the manufacture already told me they authorized what the dealer was now claiming they ate. I check the charge controller was working, the lamiplast repairs are done and I go off on my way. Take the camper on the first trip and will really test the repairs as it took hours before the TV would go on or fill the waste tanks. We set up camp. Hook up water and I notice that campground has 50 amp service. Since it's cold I figure I'll hook up 50 amp because we will be using a couple of electric heaters. Go into the storage area and find my 50 amp cord is GONE !!!!!!!!!!!!. I've used my 50 amp cord probably twice since owning the camper, for a couple of reasons. 1. It's dang heavy. 2. We don't have that much need for 50 amp. 3. The 30 amp is so much lighter. After steaming all weekend I drive the 70 miles to the dealer. Rehearsing being calm and non accusatory. I CALMLY explained that the repair person obviously hooked up the electric using my cord to test the charge controller repair and forgot to put it back. After some whispering in the back they come back to me and say, "that's the way it came in, no cord"... Which of course is total BS and I told them I never really use the 50amp as most campground have 30amp. The guy then says "the foreman remembers he had to use one of our cords to hook up your camper because there was no cord. Which is TOTAL BS, because if they needed a cord or even looked, my 30 amp cord hangs right next to the 50 amp. That's twice they tried to feed me that, "that's the way it came in garbage". OF course we found that our waste gates still leak and when I went under to fix it myself I discovered that the underbelly was never removed to access the waste gates for repair or adjustment. Lesson learned, NEVER leave your 50 amp cord in your RV when in for repairs and to never have my RV serviced at Boat N RV warehouse in Ridgeland SC.

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