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      Mobile Repair


      5th Wheel Trailer

      Posted: 2010-02-20 00:00:00

      Install Onan 5.5kw propane generator. These issues started and inspection of the work done were made a few months later, my mistake as I should have inspected his work when I picked up the trailer. I went to pull out the tiny 14AH batteries and battery boxes that were installed in my new fifth wheel so I could measure the space to see if there is enough room for a box that will hold four 6 volts. The first thing that happened was as I pulled off the top of the first battery box, the positive cable going to the onboard generator this so-called tech had installed fell out of the lug from a very bad crimp job. So with that happening, I figured I had better check the rest of his work of putting in this generator. What I found was not good to say the least. All of the 120v wiring, Line 1, Line 2, and Neutral, coming out of the generator were uncovered and just laying along the frame and the nut going to the weatherhead these wires go into on the generator was just dangling from the wires. On the other side these same exposed wires along with the wires for the remote start/hour meter inside the trailer as well as the battery cables going to the generator were getting chafed and cut by being stuffed through the sharp edged and way too small of hole he had drilled to get them all into the battery compartment. Inside the battery compartment hidden behind the battery boxes he had installed a one inch deep "metal" j-box for the two additional 120v circuit breakers and the 120v wiring, which would have been fine except for the fact that the j-box is not near deep enough for all this and the cover was broken on the sides that were bolted to the box. Not to mention the fact that the 120v wires and ring terminals connected to the back of the circuit breakers were exposed and making contact with the back of this metal box which is in turn bolted to a metal wall. Oh, and he also ran the exhaust out right under the bedroom slide. Don't worry, I don't know that would I run the generator at night while we are sleeping, but this is also the same side of the fifth wheel that the main LP line runs down and he ran the exhaust pipe underneath it with only a quarter of an inch clearance between the two. All of these things are "Big No-No's" according to electrical code, and the Onan install manual and could have caused me or other persons major injury or death if not found in time.

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