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    B&B RV Service & RV Trailer Repair is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Vancouver, WA area.

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        Mobile Repair


        Class A - Diesel

        Posted: 2006-09-01 00:00:00

        I had work done on my coach by the manufacturer....they replaced a fitting on my hydraulic line which failed because (1) they never should have attempted to replace a fitting on this line, and (2) the work was not done right. The fitting failed, lost all hydraulic fluid to power steering-think about what would have happened if I had been driving it at the time?- It happened in my drive way and B&B came and replaced the entire line. Of particular interest, I just had the coach serviced at one of the bigger diesel service centers and at the manufacturer. Neither noticed I had leaking gaskets on my 3rd member and transmission because the ride height of the coach needed adjustment. B&B figured out the problem and affected the cure. Think of one of those going out while driving down the road. The 3rd member was 3 qts low within 3 months after last service. They know what they are doing and saved me a lot of grief. Excellent-I would rather work with an experienced mechanic than someone that just finished some technical school and is "replacing parts until it runs" I want someone that has the experience to diagnose the problem and fix it. They did.

        Class A - Gasoline

        Posted: 2004-01-20 00:00:00

        I took the motorhome to get it checked out as I bought it used. I had two batteries replaced and had some wiring done on charge side for batteries. Was told that it needed brakes and new refrigerator. Cost for what was done was $1000. In hindsight, I feel they charged me about double what I should have paid, especially for the work done. I had the brakes checked by another mechanic who said they were around 80% new. Also I question now if I really needed a new refrigerator and the wiring or batteries.

        Travel Trailer

        Posted: 2007-08-11 00:00:00

        I recently bought a new horse trailer and I had a blown tire that had done damage to my vehicle. I took it to have Bart check the trailer out. They have done work for me the past couple years on my other trailers. Not only has he discovered a the cause of the blow out he has pointed out to me some very serious structural issues. The work I have had done from B&B RV has always been done well. There kind and honest people and I never have to worry about getting ripped off when I go there. I trust them with anything I take into them.

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