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    AMAZING RV TECH is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the HOUSTON, TX area.

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        • This facility accepts extended RV warranties, including policies sold by Wholesale Warranties.


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        Posted: 2023-06-01 19:19:21

        Trust the one star reviews as they are true. I am a small business owner that operates solely off my generator use. I prefer to support other small business owners. My mistake was trusting this small business with the care of my generator repair. I contacted them in December for repairs. The response time is significantly delayed, cancellations at the last minute, as well as incorrect record keeping. My intial repairs were a little over $1700, that's fine as that's their price and everything was good to go. My issues is when reviewing the invoice they listed things that were done that wasnt. No apology for miscommunication, defensive in tone, and just put it off on the other tech. My generator worked for 2 hours then went out again. They came to reassess then said we have to drive back down to pearland (2 hour drive) for diagnostics on the big machine. This revealed cracked spark plugs leading to a sensor issues. This was then fixed at an additional cost. When asked how are they cracked when they just had a tune up, thats when the blame game came as i was charged for this service that was not done. My generator has not ran the way it did prior to repairs since being "repaired". I was sent an email for a review. In the review, i was honest about my experience and also recommended suggestions for a receptionist to assist with scheduling and better communication for clients. This was a private review that only they see. Now my generator is giving issue again and apparently my review was so "great"(3/5) that it got me blacklisted. Lol This guys sucks at accepting CONTRUCTIVE feedback to HELP IMPROVE HIS BUSINESS as well as communication. I have attached images of some of the foolery bc it's truly unbelieveable to have spent this much money and to be treated as if I ran out on a bill or did a social media smear campaign. He truly is not fit for client communications, customer service, and apparently not generator repairs either bc my repairs didnt last 3 months. As a woman led business, I certainly feel taken advantage of. I don't believe i was blacklisted for a private review. I think it was because he doesn't want to honor his warranty or accept accountability for the bandaid work he did. Id recommend that you "Get someone else to it" in his words.

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