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    Alec’s Truck, Trailer & RV Repair is an RV Service and Repair provider serving the Miami, FL region. This RV Repair Facility specializes in service on Class A, B, and C motorhomes as well as towable RV’s. Alec’s Truck, Trailer & RV services many common RV breakdowns including appliances, electrical, windows, heating and cooling systems, awnings, steps, roof, holding tank, leveling systems, hot water tanks and generators, in addition to common maintenance services including oil changes, and even RV restoration projects.

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    Eric Munoz

    Posted: 2017-08-28 19:11:49

    I am fuming with Alec Truck"s and Rv.I took my RV to have them Look at this RV I had just bought from end to end.I paid 130.00 per hour and they charged me for a full 2 hours. When I arrived at home I had no 12Volt lights at all. Brought back and they missed a fuse underneath RV. As we arrived at Cades Cove we noticed that the fridge was blinking and I had 7 night"s full of meals that I couldnt have rot. Drove to Towndend and asked for a mobile repair person to come that day. After my 3rd call I found a God send from a Camping World employee to come as an emergency and this "Good country man" was there In the afternoon. By this time we also noticed that the toilet did not hold water on the inside, so I asked everyone for 7 days and nights not to go and poop and instead use the camps restroom. It gets better. The repairman arrived and first thing that he noticed was that the power of electric coming out of electrical connection from truck to trailer was barely 9 volts, therefore my brand new battery that Alec Installed was dead. He went right to the fuse box In the engine and Immediately saw the little top of a 30 amp fuse was missing. he replaced and I started getting almost 13 volts. Now comes the fridge. He opened panel and Immediately saw 2 wires just laying there. They were supposed to be hooked to a solenoid that controlled the flow of propane to light the pilot light. This solenoid was all rusty and old so he replaced,0 I took pictures and was told that this should have been fixed before leaving the shop. He came back the next day with a replacement for fridge and a new fuse for my truck. When I got home I myself checked the toilet and did the trouble shooting as recommended by the maker. It still would"nt hold water. I said to myself , let me take off and look at it. Well folks It was upside down, so I placed in right position and It worked. I can assure you that Alecs Trucks never ever checked RV with just 12 volt power. I paid $1,024.11 for LED lights and using 4.00 latches for the 2 drawers that are not fixed. I am tired of getting ripped off by today's workers and especially this gang that operates Alec"s Trucks. They made my vacation a living hell and I am asking all of you who had similar stories and dissatisfied to let me know In writing your story and I plan on starting a class action suit against these "crooks". Even If your dissatisfied going back to when they worked at Holiday RV In Key Largo they are one and the same since they are both at Alec"s RV. My name Is Eric Munoz and my address is 231 SE 36th Ave, Homestead Fl. I will take care of the Attorney and all I need Is back up. Thank's Eric Munoz Austin S. Austin S. Owner Austin S.'s comment on your review: Mr. Munoz at his own admission had an issue with the voltage on his truck. Alec's was not contracted by him to inspect or service his truck. Therefore battery on the RV was not receiving proper charge from the truck and after driving from Miami to Tennessee was obviously drained. This caused the fridge to throw a trouble code. The fridge was inspected and working perfectly on propane when he left our facility (he forgot to mention that) It had temp readings which are on the customers invoice of 36 degrees in the fridge and 9 degrees in the freezer. To his own admission Mr. Munoz stated he put food in the fridge and freezer while on his way to Tennessee. If it wasn't working why would you put food in it? The voltage issue with his truck caused the RV battery to go dead and eventually not have enough power to run the circuit board in the fridge. Therefore shutting down the fridge. There was no issue with the pilot light or any solenoid. Unfortunately, Mr. Munoz was misled by the mobile tech that came to see him. Finally, Alec's was not contracted to service or repair Mr. Munoz's toilet. It has no bearing on this post. We are sorry for his issues but, by no means were we the cause. Eric M. Eric M. Homestead, FL 0 2 4 days ago You are all stating crap and lies. Guess who put In my trailer hitch, and all the connections leading to RVfrom truck. Yeah It was Alec Trucks. Forgot to mention that. As for the fridge working when I left, It was only working on the way up because the new battery they sold me still had power. Once the power of battery ran out, my refrigerator went on the blink. For a fee of $260.00 to have RV checked out from end to end you dont check toilet?? and I have to make a special request?? WTF. are you that lousy? One flush and you would have seen It not working. How about the $4.00 hinges you put on the two drawers that I told you to fix and on the first turn came off and all over the camper"s inside. I guarantee you 2 things. You didn"t take two hours of work to check a 22 Ft trailer and you never opened the panel on the outside that shows the fridge. Your Innuendos and turning the truth WILL NOT WORK THIS TIME. I will check tomorrow on State Of Florida's division of Licensing for owners name so I can show your reply and how you state on your website how Important customers are to you. All BS. Lastly the solenoid Which I have Is so rusted that Par for the course should have been changed, no wonder the 2 wires were loose and dangling. You also dont mention that after you told me that trailer was ready I got It home and had no 12 volt power??? I guess the fuse blew from your shop to Homestead. Austin S. Austin S. Owner 4 days ago Again to your own admission, the fridge was working when you left our facility. We were not contracted to check your truck, nor did we have your truck to check. We were not contracted to look at the toilet. Yes We were contracted to check the appliances. They were all functioning. Yes we did put a hitch on your vehicle some time ago. And it was not a fuse that blew, a breaker was turned off, so when you brought it back we reset the breaker. Eric M. Eric M. Homestead, FL 0 2 4 days ago For the last time. So when you add a brake controller, a wiring system for RV pulling, and a new trailer I have to ask you to check the output coming to my receptacle? Wow how things have changed. It blows my mind that a simple toilet Is not considered an appliance. You can see with this back and forth the true character of your co. And from a customer who has been doing business with Jesse and Jim for over 20 years. I am retired and when I worked The customer Is always right Philosophy. Karma is a b---h and If I can keep one person from going to you for service I will be happy. I dont lie ever and I hope people take my word.By the way an Inspection on the outside Is not considered part of the evaluation of RV?? I forgot I had to request outside inspection. Good luck Austin S. . . 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