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    Affinity RV is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Prescott, AZ area.

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    Coach Components
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    • Leveling Jacks and Systems
    • Septic System and Holding Tanks
    • Plumbing and Fresh Water Systems
    • Hot Water Tanks
    • Aqua-Hot and Hydro Hot Systems
    • Heating and Air Conditioning
    • Electrical Systems and Components
    • Refrigerators
    • Television and Audio Systems
    • Roofing and Leak Repair
    • Generator Repair
    • Power Steps
    • RV Restoration
    • Collision Repair
    • Paint and Exterior Graphics
    Chassis Systems
    • Diesel Engine Repair
    • Gas Engine Repair
    • Brakes and Braking Components
    Services and Maintenance
    • RV Winterization
    • Battery Replacement
    • Oil Change

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    • RV Repair
    • Trailer
    • Showroom

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    • This facility accepts extended RV warranties, including policies sold by Wholesale Warranties.


    Mobile Repair


    5th Wheel Trailer

    Posted: 2013-10-30 00:00:00

    Requested repairs to the wiring between my 2012 Ram 3500 and our 2012 fifth wheel trailer. The truck was blowing the 20A running light fuse when I plugged in the trailer 7-pin to the truck. Drop off day was 10-30-2013. On 11-19-2013 I was called and told the trailer was repaired. We paid our bill and left. We drove away with the trailer at dusk and when the truck lights came on the trailer lights went out again. The fuse had blown. We were told to return the trailer the next day and we so. I disconnected the trailer in front of the service writer, replaced the 20A truck fuse, plugged in the trailer and the fuse blew in 5 seconds. The Service Manager said trailer wiring is not that complicated and said they could repair the wiring. I had since plugged my neighbors trailer to my truck without any problems. I paid to have my truck's trailer wiring checked by a Dodge/Ram dealer and was told there are no problems with my truck. We returned to Affinity on 12-13-2013 because we had not been called. The service writer looked confused and said the trailer had been plugged into 30A shore power and did not have any problems. I told him the problem was the truck to trailer wiring. He assured me it would be repaired in a week. We returned on 12-17-2013 and the wiring problem was pronounced not repairable. I was told the problem was with my Ram 3500. I took the trailer to another RV repair location. I plugged in my truck to the shop owners own trailer and my truck wiring was confirmed operational. The 20A running light fuse did not blow. He is currently repairing our trailer. This business repair operation is useless.

    Travel Trailer

    Posted: 2011-07-29 00:00:00

    Dealer was to add on additional water tank. Gave 2 plus weeks to get it installed. Do not use them...Also ignored problem and kept passing the buck. Service manager acted like a 5 year old... One would think that this would be easy. This turned into a disaster. Could not get it done in time. No calls, put in wrong tank. Bolted to the pressed wood floor w/sheet screws. Tank fell out while 1000 miles away!!!

    5th Wheel Trailer

    Posted: 2011-02-05 00:00:00

    Purchased a used RV and was told a full inspection (Pre-Delivery Inspection) had been done and that all things were in great condition. Requested several items be taken care of including roof inspection, installation of correct hitch into my truck, etc. Dishonest is the word that comes to mind from the owner to the service department. Discovered that the metal belts that hold propane tanks were broken, the roof had a huge tear (obviously roof was never inspected or the person who inspected it misrepresented it's condition), was mislead about the hitch that was installed. The hot water heater switch did not work. There was a water leak in the sub basement and a stabilizing jack fell while I was going 60 miles per hour. Avoid this dealership/ service department like you would the plague. It is definitely Caveat Emptor... buyer beware.

    Travel Trailer

    Posted: 2010-11-20 00:00:00

    Installed people lift and Hi rise toilet on travel trailer and a Running Board Lift, that I purchased from the manufacturer, on my new TV. They did everything promptly and in a professional manner for a reasonable price. They have a great service facility for a small locally owned dealership. They did an excellent job and had a lot of attention to detail.

    Travel Trailer

    Posted: 2008-12-31 00:00:00

    Brake replacement on a 2000 Airstream Bambi, plus a look at a Dometic refrigerator wiring. Where to start. First day I brought the rig in at 8 AM sharp as requested and they didn't get around to it until late afternoon. After having told them my wife and I were living in it full time they forced us to pay either for them to put it back together or pay for a motel. We chose motel. Next day they ordered the wrong brake parts and had to reorder, work wasn't done until closing. Final bill was close to $1000 because they charge ~$110 an hour labor!~ They tried to charge me for work that hadn't been done to the refrigerator, and when I complained the amount was taken off the bill immediately, with them knowing it was added for no work done at all. This place is a total ripoff. The campground where I stayed in Prescott won't refer customers to Affinity after all the complaints. Avoid this place at all costs. Poor, poor service and sky high cost.

    Class A - Gasoline

    Posted: 2008-10-24 00:00:00

    Defective TV under warranty from winnebago. Called service at Affinity and was given appointment next day as it was a check up on TV problem. Brian, the tech, reported to Shelly, Service Department, that my TV was bad. They called TV distributor, they said one week to Affinity to get TV. I was called by Shelly a week later and said I could come in the next morning. I did, Brian installed new TV, total time both visits 20 minutes, carged zero. You don't get any better than this, both factory, TV company and Affinity 100%

    Class A - Diesel

    Posted: 2007-04-23 00:00:00

    Oil Leak Repair hole in dash left from removal of a defective compass I dropped off my motorhome on April 23. They said they would have it done Friday April 27th. They also said they would call me the first of the week with an estimate of repairs. I was traveling that week, and never received a call. On Friday, I tried to call several times, but could never get through to the service department. I left a message that was not returned. On Saturday morning I went there and the service writer who took my motorhome in was not working, nor was the tech. No one could tell me anything. They said the service writer will call me on Monday, April 30. Update: ======= My previous post described the experience from the time I dropped it off for an oil leak, through the week when they were supposed to call me with an estimate. Turns out the service writer who took my rig in, took 3 days vacation last week, that's why no one contacted me with an estimate. Today, I went down there and they were very helpful...she described in detail what was wrong, and because she was gone, was still working up the repair estimate. Even though they dropped the ball last week, they appeared to be on track now that the service writer was back. They are a very, very busy facility.

    Class A - Gasoline

    Posted: 2006-04-20 00:00:00

    Decals replaced on body,Kitchen faucet replaced for dripping, carpet in slide bin replaced, still have part on order after 10 weeks to fix dash air. Muffler heat shield was reattached, wiring replaced by slide/muffler from burns caused by hole in muffler. DVD/VHS/Surround Sound I that was stolen while there for service was replaced. Hydraulic leveler in front replaced. $850 + TV and other items stolen while on lot were not replaced. I'm writing this from memory so may have missed something. Decals were not replaced but painted on instead. Same dripping kitchen faucet with calcium deposits that they claim was totally replaced. Dash A/C still waiting for part due to techs checking roof A/C instead of dash A/C even after I walked service adviser around and showed exactly what needed to be done. Carpet in slide bin cut very crooked and screwed on instead of glued as original, Muffler heat shield completely loose due to use of aluminum small rivets and rattling against muffler (they put in larger stainless steel rivets before I left, so far repaired wiring appears to be OK). DVD/Surround Sound that was stolen and replaced was not connected to TV properly so no surround sound, VHS or DVD will play thru TV. Owner overheard me tell the wife more stuff was stolen so he told me to leave and I would be arrested if I came back. Worst business owner I have ever ran across in my 56 years of life.

    Class A - Gasoline

    Posted: 2004-05-18 00:00:00

    Exterior decal replacement, cluster panel recall, fuel part recall, various warranty repairs, hydraulic jacks(coach was purchased from what was then York RV) The service that I received from Affinity RV was without a doubt the worst that I have ever received from any service department on any on any level and in my opinion is the worst service department on the planet. RV'ers beware!!!!! They make an appointment and typically fail to start work for a minimum of 7 to 10 days. A number of times, and only after a multitude of phone calls to them, because they do not call you, I have gone to pick up my coach after they have said that it was finished, only to find that absolutely nothing had been done on the coach. The only thing that they have successfully done to my coach is to get grease all over the carpet and chairs, to put dents and scratches on the outside, of course denying any and all responsibility, they actually crashed the rear of the coach in an accident (they couldn't get out of fixing that), but they painted the rear quarter panel the wrong color and then told me that you can't tell the difference. The list goes on and on. I once wrote a complaint to Workhorse which they in turn sent to Bob Beam, the owner of the company. He had a lengthy list of excuses as to why his service department was inadequate and then started searching for what seemed like an apology from me for writing Workhorse such a letter. Sorry Bob, I want Rv'ers to know what they are getting into with your inept service department.

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