The Rules of RV Roof Maintenance

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RV Roof Maintenance

The roof of your RV should be a major focal point of your maintenance routine. Your roof is in direct contact with whatever weather you face while traveling, including high heat, heavy rain, and freezing temps. The good news is that a little TLC can help prevent and treat common RV roof problems like rust, leaks, and cracks. To learn more, check out our Top 3 Rules of RV Roof Maintenance:

1) Clean and Inspect your RV Roof Regularly

Keeping your roof clean is essential for preserving the material, and catching any existing issues. To clean your RV roof, start by sweeping away any loose debris. As you go, keep an eye out for cracks, rips, and tears. If everything seems intact, use a mixture of water and non-abrasive soap to clean off dirt and stains. Always avoid cleaners that contain citric elements, abrasive cleaners, or petroleum distillate, as these can damage your roof material.

Remember to always exercise a great deal of caution when cleaning your RV roof! Work in small sections, and consider using a long-handled mop or brush from a ladder on the side of your RV. Standing on the roof itself can be slippery, and quite dangerous.

2) Repair Any Cracks or Tears

The stress of travel really does a number on the seams and sealants of your roof. If you find any cracks or gaps when cleaning and inspecting your RV roof, make sure to fix them right away. If left unattended, these cracks will widen, allowing water and debris to enter your RV and cause additional damage.

You can choose to handle these RV roof repairs yourself, or take your rig to an RV Service Center in your area. If you are a DIY RVer, make sure that you are using a sealant that is compatible with your roof’s material. Research the material for your specific rig, or consider using an all-purpose option such as butyl tape. Before you head out to buy repair materials, do a quick scan of your owner’s manual and popular RV sites dedicated to your make and model. A little research before you complete the repair will ensure that your fix is sturdy and long-lasting.

3) Additional Protection

If you’d like an additional layer of support, there are several aftermarket waxes and coatings for RV roofs. While not required for a happy roof, these protection options do help block harmful UV rays and weather. If you do choose to apply a coating, be very cautious! These products will cause your roof to become extra slippery, and you will need to move with extreme care as you perform maintenance.

Keeping the roof of your home-on-wheels maintained is an important part of a happy RV life! Follow our rules, and keep an eye on your owner’s manual for vehicle-specific RV roof maintenance tips.

Liquid Rubber Coatings

Posted:2019-07-09 07:05:26

The life of an RV can be enhanced by keeping the roof clean, debris free and applying a coat of Liquid RV Roof. To get the best return on your investment be sure to do regular maintenance. Cleaning the roof bi-annually will help maintain its durability and longevity.


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