Hot Tips for Keeping Your RV Cool

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The first day of summer is quickly approaching, and this means travelers will be taking their RV’s to popular destinations for fun in the sun! While summer is a prime time to set out on your RV adventures, it can also be known for some not-so-fun temperatures.  We are here to help you beat the heat with these RV lifestyle tips:

Steps to take…

In order to achieve a comfortable living situation in your RV, follow a few simple steps:

Stay in the Shade

Always be strategic when choosing your campsite. Seek out sites with trees or ask your camp host upon check-in for the most shade-friendly spots. Utilize your RV’s awnings as much as possible, as they will not only provide a cool haven outside of your motorhome, but will cool down any air before it enters the rig! If you do not have any awnings or would like to add more shade, suspend a tarp or two for a DIY approach.

Keep the Sun Out

It’s amazing what blinds and curtains can accomplish when it comes to the internal temperature of your RV. You can inexpensively outfit all your windows with simple reflective window shades or if you’re in a pinch, try using a blanket hung up with tacks to block the rays!

Ventilation is Key

Even with the help of an air conditioner, your RV can still trap unwanted heat. Proper ventilation can help you get that hot air out while making room for the cooler air! Consider installing a vent cover, which is a simple, inexpensive tool that goes over your roof vents to allow ventilation of hot air, smoke, and odors.


Fans help keep the air moving, allowing you to feel refreshed and force hot air to move upwards, hopefully in and out of your roof vents!


Your air conditioning unit will of course make a huge difference when it comes to the temperature of your RV. To save energy and resources, make sure to follow the above recommendations to keep out any excess heat. This will make the cool down process quicker and easier, and you’ll only need to turn to your A/C once your internal temperature becomes uncomfortable.

Get Outside

One of the best ways to deal with the heat is step out of the RV! Keep an eye on the weather and plan your outing during peak heat times. Explore the surrounding area, do a physical activity, or go into town; anything to get you out of your toasty RV! Another great way to keep heat out of your RV is to cook outside. Using your stove or oven can let off unwanted heat, so take advantage of your camping spot and cook over the fire or a portable stove!

We hope you enjoyed these “cool” tips and we wish you an enjoyable summer of comfortable RVing!

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