Fuel Saving Tips for RVers

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There are numerous financial responsibilities that come with owning an RV, and a very important one is gas. It is one of the many components that keeps your rig running and unfortunately can cost a pretty penny. Even during the lowest gas price trends, filling up a huge RV is still a costly activity. Luckily, there are tricks from seasoned RVers that help to make that tank of gas go a long way!

Here are our top tips to improve your RV fuel economy:

Keep Up on RV Maintenance

We don’t want to sound like a broken record, as many of our blogs praise the benefits of RV maintenance, but keeping up on manufacturer recommended service and maintenance schedules is key to a healthy RV. Not only will it keep your RV running, it can improve your fuel economy. Components such as a tuned engine and a clean air filter will help to increase your miles per gallon.

Tire Pressure

Under the umbrella of RV maintenance, your rig’s tires are items not to be forgotten. Check your tire pressure regularly with a trusted gauge and always adjust to manufacturer recommended amount when necessary. This will improve your MPG’s and also decrease your risk of a blowout or other tire failure.

Cruise Control is Your Best Friend

Accelerating past 60 MPH decreases your miles per gallon significantly. A great way to keep things steady is to use cruise control. This will keep you from rapidly braking or speeding, and will maintain a healthy miles per gallon ratio.

Stay On Top of Your Emissions

Did you know that poor emissions in your RV can lead to a devastating 40% reduction in your miles per gallon? Steer clear of this issue by staying on schedule with emissions checks.

Never Idle

If you know that you’ll be waiting for more than a few minutes in your RV, it is highly recommended to turn it off. Idling will burn through precious gas and cost you money, so roll down the windows or get out and take a walk!

Unnecessary Weight

If you want to go the extra mile towards achieving your best fuel economy, assess your coach for any items that are causing unnecessary weight. A great place to start is your water tanks–hold back from topping off your tanks until the campsite.

Trip Planning

The easiest way to save on gas is to not travel far! While we agree that an RV is the best way to experience the U.S.A., you may have some nearby gems that deserve some exploring. Another way to be proactive in your trip planning for the sake of saving fuel is to plan your routes around major rush hours. Like we mentioned above, idling is a big no-no for fuel economy, so plan around it!

We hope you can use some or all of these fuel-saving tips to help you save at the pump and keep your RV lifestyle affordable. Happy travels!

Tommy S. Chernoff

Posted:2016-04-27 17:26:34

I like all the comments You have listed, also use Your trailer mode for braking.


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