Checklist for De-Winterizing Your RV

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If you have taken a break from RVing during the winter season, chances are your rig is in storage awaiting the day that preparations for spring and summer travels begins. With our checklist of de-winterizing to do’s, you will be ready for the road in no time:

Reinstall the Batteries

If not already charged, a good first step into reacquainting your RV with action is to fully charge the batteries. Prepared batteries can then be topped off to the appropriate water level. If this a task you find yourself uncomfortable performing, you can always search our database of repair facilities to find a friendly RV mechanic to help you.

Check Your Tires

Your tires are incredibly important to your safety out on the road, and they can lose a portion of air pressure while in storage. Be sure to fill each tire to the manufacturers recommendation before hitting the road. Also, it’s a good idea to check for any cracking or deterioration, as such signs indicate that it may be time for a new tire.


The last thing you want is problems to occur on your RV travels, so all sealant around doors and windows should be checked. Any cracked sealant should be fixed or replaced.

Gas Leaks

Go to each propane fitting in your rig and check for any potential gas leaks by spraying soapy water on the area. If bubbles form, that means you have a propane leak that should receive immediate attention.

Inspect the Interior

First, get the air flowing and light pouring in by opening all windows! Check for any damage on different interior components such as vents, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for water stains, or other signs of damage from the elements. Also look through cabinets, closets, and other crevices for any signs of mice, insects, or spiders, and clean accordingly.


You will want to flush out your rig’s plumbing system, especially if you used antifreeze during the cold months. Simply fill up your fresh water tank with water, turn on each faucet and run until water runs clear. Also flush toilet and run the shower. Another great trip is to sanitize your water tanks with a little bleach or cleaning product and let sit for a few hours. Drain and refill with clean water.

Under the Hood

If you have a motorhome, check under the hood and fluid levels. Once in order, take your RV for a test drive to make sure everything runs smoothly and there are no strange sounds.

Towable Checks

If you own a trailer, check the hitch to make sure it is road-ready, looking for any rust or damage. Also test all lights, blinkers, and breaks when hooked up to your towing vehicle.

Giving your RV a thorough check when de-winterizing can be a perfect opportunity to pinpoint needed repairs before setting out on your RV adventures. You can use our database at RV Repair Direct to find RV repair shops and mobile RV mechanics in your area that can help you out with the tasks you’d rather not “DIY”! Happy spring and happy travels!


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