Preferred Repair Facilities

Thank you for your interest in become a Preferred Partner of, and Wholesale Warranties. We appreciate your dedication to providing RVers with excellent repair work, fair pricing, and great customer service. Here’s a bit more information on the advantages of being a Preferred Repair Facility:

Customizable Listing with

By creating, and optimizing your listing in the RV Repair Directory, your Repair Facility will reach thousands of RVers looking for service in your area. By providing users with detailed information about your location, website, phone number, what types of services you perform, your specialties, your credentials, possible discounts and coupons, and what differentiates you from any other facility, prospective customers will be have everything they need to make an informed and confident decision in choosing your shop for service.  In addition to learning more about your services, many customers looking for repair and maintenance work will be able to locate information on your services by searching many of the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, where your RV Repair Direct listing will rank in search results.  The more web presence your site has online, the more synergy your company will have with all forms of advertisement whether it be online, print, or word of mouth.   

Highlighted Choice Listing at the top of is quickly becoming the search engine of choice for thousands of RVers to locate a reputable RV Repair Facility for all of their vehicle needs. Preferred Repair Facilities who have a proven history of top-level reviews and service are able to rise to the top of this search function, setting your listing apart from all others, and giving customers an added reason to visit your shop for their next service need. Combining this feature with our Wholesale Warranties recommendation can create up to 10 times the exposure of other standard listings on the site. 

Wholesale Warranties Policy Holder and Partner Referrals 

RV Repair Direct is powered by Wholesale Warranties, a leading provider of RV Extended Service Policies. Thousands of Wholesale Warranties policy holders use as the premier site for locating a shop for repairs, maintenance, and even restoration work. In addition, many customers use theClaim Referralpage to acquire a Wholesale Warranties recommendation on where to go to use their policy or get service. So on top of the traffic generated by current customers, all inquiries to Wholesale Warranties will be directed to your facility as the premier service provider for your area whether they purchase a policy or not, allowing you to continually expanding your reach of potential customers.

Referral Income and Customer Loyalty Opportunity

As an RV Repair Facility, you have the unique opportunity to introduce customers to the benefits of RV Extended Service Contracts. By encouraging your customers to pay for most any future repairs with policies offered by Wholesale Warranties, your facility is able to create trust and loyalty, allowing you to service that customer’s vehicle for life. On top of this, we have several Affiliate opportunities that would allow you to be compensated for referring customers to Wholesale Warranties!

Becoming a Preferred Repair Facility will allow you to gain business, customer trust and loyalty, and even make additional funds off of referral opportunities! We just ask a few things in return…

Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for this amazing opportunity, your repair facility must meet and maintain certain eligibility requirements:

  1. Your facility must maintain a good reputation and encourage customers to rate your service on your RV Repair Direct listing.  In addition to a high ranking, your facility must be willing to work with customers and our consumer satisfaction team to resolve any disputes that may arise during service.
  2. Your facility must agree to list and publicize your proud partnership with Wholesale Warranties to both clients and potential clients of Wholesale Warranties and your establishment. You may market this partnership in a variety of areas, including your company’s website, a physical display in service area, and company literature.

Ready to get started? Simply follow these steps:

  1. Create your listing – Our simple tool allows your RV Facility to create a listing by filling out a quick online form.  Click here to provide your Repair Facility details! Keep in mind that customers respond best to listings that have complete and detailed information.
  1. Create a landing page to display your Wholesale Warranties endorsement – Customers and potential customers looking to invest in protecting their RV from breakdowns want to know where they can take their RV and who recommends their service.  Creating a page on your site that can point to not only will boost traffic to your site and increase your page’s relevancy on the major search engines, but will also allow anyone to instantly verify that you are a recommended facility and that you endorse Wholesale Warranties programs.  Here is a sample of what this endorsement can look like, but please do not copy and paste this directly.

RV ownership comes with many wonderful perks and benefits, but at the end of the day, your vehicle is not perfect. Proper maintenance and high-quality repairs are a requirement for every RVer, and we’re happy to help keep your home-on-wheels in great condition! At YOUR NAME RV Repair Facility, we also highly recommend that our customers invest in an RV Extended Service Contract, which can help protect them from the costs associated with many common mechanical breakdowns.We endorse Wholesale Warranties as the preferred provider for these RV Warranty policies, and are happy to work with their policy holders to file a claim, and complete repairs covered under their contract. 

For more information on writing this endorsement, please contact our Marketing Team.