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    Turbo’s RV Services is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Monument, CO area.

    RV Repair Direct requests that all past and present customers of this RV Repair Facility leave an honest and detailed review of the service they received. These reviews will help fellow RVers to make confident decisions on where to take their RV for repair in the geographic area of their choice. The reviews below are the opinions of RV Repair Direct readers, and do not reflect the endorsement or opinion of this website.

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          Mobile Repair


          5th Wheel Trailer

          Posted: 2014-01-15 00:00:00

          Tires, entire electrical system rewire, roof fix and maintenance, wiring of two vehicles for towing, complete axle fix . . . the list goes on. Eric and the crew are awesome! We've been using them for >6 years. They've helped us with 3 different campers we've purchased. Tires, entire electrical system rewire, roof fix and maintenance, wiring of two vehicles for towing, complete axle fix . . . the list goes on. Very personable. Very knowledgeable. Very fair. Recommend them to everyone I know.

          Class A - Diesel

          Posted: 2013-04-16 00:00:00

          When I purchased the motor coach in Dec 2012 I realized the AquaHot had some issues. I brought it to Eric since he is a factory authorized repair center. He seems knowledgeable and I had him troubleshoot several issues. His service included a general burner tune- up, antifreeze replacement and troubleshoot an electrical issue. The electrical issue troubleshooting was conducted on a 3rd visit. The symptom was intermittent operation of the AquaHot system and wiggling the wire harness inside the unit would often get it to operate properly. Eric's service included changing out the main controller board which he said was defective but no attention was given to the wiring harness. After taking the coach home I noticed that the heat exchangers were not operating properly and would turn on even if the system was not on or up to temperature. Beside this not being correct for the way the system is designed to work, it will drain the batteries if the outside temperature is cold enough to trip the wet bay thermostat. I brought this to his attention by email a week after I took the coach home but never received a response. With it being late April and warming up it slipped my mind as it was not an issue in the warmer weather. Throughout the camping season the system also ran quite rich despite adjustments to the air intake. When it started getting cold again this fall the issue reappeared, the wet bay heat exchanger would continuously run calling for heat from the system but the system wasn't running. This prompted me to do some troubleshooting myself. With the help of the AquaHot factory I found that Eric had jumpered a circuit that directly caused the problem condition I mention above. I also decided to do my own service on the burner, same as Eric had done last winter, in the hopes of getting to the bottom of the rich running burner. Upon replacing the burner nozzle and checking the gap on the ignition electrodes I found that the electrodes were substantially out of alignment. I set the proper gap on the electrodes and completed the balance of the burner service items. I then turned my attention to the wiring harness, removing excess lengths of wire that were coiled up inside the unit, changed all of the crimp connectors and removed the rogue jumper wire that Eric installed. I am happy to report that the system has been running perfectly for several weeks now and the burner is no longer running rich. I contacted Eric and expressed my disappointment with his service. He claimed no knowledge of the jumper. Aside from me he is the only other person that has touched my coach and I know I didn't put the jumper on there. He also said he didn't know how to explain the ignition electrodes being out of gap. He also said that he mentioned to me about tightening the electrical connections, this I don't recall and don't understand why he wouldn't have done this as part of his troubleshooting, it makes no sense. I am very disappointed with my experience at Turbo's and will not be returning there for service. Be sure to read Service Provider Response below

          Class A - Gasoline

          Posted: 2012-07-30 00:00:00

          My basement A/C was not working properly. I took it in a week or so ago and they diagnosed a bad fan and ordered the part. I went in yesterday to have them install it and they took the unit out of my RV compartment and discovered that the real problem was an extremely dirty inside radiator. They cleaned the radiator and put it back together and tested it. It works great now. They did not charge me for the unneeded fan. They also did a couple of other things and I am very pleased with their honesty, friendliness and ability. I would definitely use them again and would recommend them to others. Top notch! I would definitely use them again and would recommend them to others.

          Travel Trailer

          Posted: 2011-04-07 00:00:00

          He lied about himself performing a pre-purchase inspection. He lied about and was unaccountable for major structural water damage. He lied about sealing the windows. NEVER HIRE THIS COMPANY!!! I had to pay another service company to level the trailer and seal the windows that the owner refused to acknowledge was not done. I also had to pay another service man to repair the structural water damage. NEVER HIRE THIS COMPANY!!!!! Be sure to read Service Provider Response below

          Class A - Diesel

          Posted: 2009-09-23 00:00:00

          Annual service of Hydro Hot. Excellent- Showed up early, clean, neat, knowledgeable beyond expectations, showed me all that he was doing, explained and answered all questions about other items that needed to be taken care of. Left the RV spotless when job was complete. Will use again for sure.

          Travel Trailer

          Posted: 2009-05-12 00:00:00

          Water heater repair. Great job. Work was done correctly the 1st time. Professional looking, articulate, knowledgeable and pleasant. Work was done by their mobile service. They had all the parts with them to do the repair. Technician explained what he did and demonstrated the reliability of the fix action. We will use this company again when service or repairs are needed in the future! Recommended!!!

          Bus Conversion

          Posted: 2008-10-14 00:00:00

          Turbo RV services arrived and cleared 3 different problems for me. My Wabesto, my TV antenna and an odor problem. They were on time, very very efficient. Knew what/why they were doing and explained to me what they did and why. Offered some other thoughts for future work/maintenance. Friendly, experienced, professional and expedient. Very outstandingly good experience. They had a good supply of needed material on hand.

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