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    Patterson RV – RV Repair

    Patterson RV is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Wichita Falls, TX area.

    RV Repair Direct requests that all past and present customers of this RV Repair Facility leave an honest and detailed review of the service they received. These reviews will help fellow RVers to make confident decisions on where to take their RV for repair in the geographic area of their choice. The reviews below are the opinions of RV Repair Direct readers, and do not reflect the endorsement or opinion of this website.

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          Mobile Repair


          Class A - Gasoline

          Posted: 2007-04-17 00:00:00

          This work was all suppose to be done under warranty Noise in front wheels. Service Adviser did not know how to get the chrome hub caps off to check the noise. After many tries it was found the hub caps were not tight enough and wore off the wheel weights and they were sliding around inside the hub cap. Problem corrected. Mis-fire in engine, dealer would not check it out and the nearest Workhorse dealer was 100 miles away, I went to a Chevy dealer and he found a burnt plug wire. Problem corrected. Paid out of pocket. Transmission slips. Dealer had filled it too full of fluid. Drained some out, problem corrected. Basement Air not cooling. 4-17-07 Dealer stated #2 compressor wire not hooked up. He supposedly fix it. When I would hit a bump the wire would fall out. The wire was broke off from the clip. Just took it to a RV repair shop "not the dealer" He found the trouble and replaced the clip , also found that the tape on the duct work going from the A/C unit up the back of the coach had came un-stuck and he fixed it at a cost to me of $150.00. Problem corrected. 3-7-07 Leveling jacks and slides not working properly. and reservoir leaked, Dealer supposedly repaired, he just kept adding fluid. I contacted HWH and they stated too much fluid. After 4 attempts, having the dealer work on it, I got stuck in Cheyenne, Wy. slides would not go out and jacks would not go down. Canceled trip. 6-15-08 came back home and took coach to the RV repair shop "Not the dealer" the man found the trouble in less than 20 minutes. It was a "Shuttle Value" that was defective and HWH sent a new one and gave the tech time for replacing it. Only cost to me was shipping $14.58 Problem corrected. Many other problems I either fixed myself or had fixed at no cost to me. The last item was a defected panel on the inside of the entry door. It was supposedly ordered at time of delivery. 2-21-07. They was suppose to fix it way back when they got it in and do some work on the jacks. However at that time I was told they had it in, but couldn't find it. They have changed service advisers so many times that each one tells me they know nothing about it. I have given up on them. I feel the mechanic was assigned to perform the work did not know what he was doing. Many times he would not give me a shop ticket showing work performed, so later I could not prove they had performed any work on the coach. It was a CYA for him.

          Class A - Diesel

          Posted: 2007-02-22 00:00:00

          Install side cameras, GPS, in-motion dome, other misc I chose them because were a Winnebago dealer for $8,000 work. I was new to motorhoming. Work was 2 days later than promised requiring motel stay. Subsequent rework and correction required to fix what was not done properly, GPS and Cameras. New monitor was installed improperly. Reimbursement refused.

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