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    Mobile RV Technical Services is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Portland, OR area.

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          Class A - Gasoline

          Posted: 2004-10-28 00:00:00

          When I was in Portland, Oregon, I noticed I had a leak in my bathroom and that my ice maker was dripping ice down the side of the ice bin. The park manager recommended Mobile RV Technical Services. They advertise as being RVDA-RVIA Certified Technicians and a warranty authorized service center for Norcold. The first time Dana came out was on October 28. I remember being impressed that he took me outside, opened the panel and showed me how the drain hose coming from the refrigerator worked, checking to make sure it was not plugged up. Finding no problem there, he removed the ice maker and made an adjustment to it. He fixed the leak in the bathroom and the charge for that visit was $100 ($35 trip charge and $65 per hour with a one hour minimum). At that point, I was happy to have my repairs done without having to take the house to a dealer. Because I hadn?t been using ice, it was almost 2 weeks before I noticed that the ice maker was still dripping large icicles down the side of the bin. When I called them back, Dana said that he only had a couple of days before he was on his way out of town for a recertification course, but he would try to fit me in. I couldn?t take off work and wait all day not knowing when he could come, but he said he would check out something via the outside panel to see if he could determine anything that way. When he called me back, he said he found a leak in the solenoid valve that if left that way, would eventually leak water into the kitchen. He said he replaced a washer and that seemed to fix the problem. When I got home, I looked and could see water dripping steadily from the connection. Since he had showed me inside that panel during his first visit, I knew it hadn?t been leaking at that time and didn?t know if that had anything to do with the ice maker or not. I called him back, and he said it wasn?t leaking when he left, and that I should try tightening the connection. I did, and that didn?t work. I asked him to figure out when he could come by to fix the ice maker once and for all and to call me back. He never did call before he left for the course. When I called the office, Maria said she would have Dana call me when he had time from the classes. He recommended that I go to an RV store and buy a solenoid valve and he would ?talk me through? replacing it. Not being comfortable with this suggestion, I decided to postpone my departure from Portland until he could complete the repairs. Meanwhile, I was going outside 3 times a day to empty the cup I put to catch the leaking water. When I called the office to make the appointment, Maria said although Dana was returning on the 2nd, the soonest she could book me was December 13. I argued that my return visit should have priority, but she said the leak outside was a new problem and that I shouldn?t have waited 2 weeks to report that the first repair hadn?t been successful. I still thought it was strange that I hadn?t seen any sign of leak when Dana first showed me the inside of the panel, and I suspected that whatever adjustment he made out there on his return visit caused that leak. Of course, I couldn?t prove that, and still hoped that when he came out on the 13th, all would be repaired at that time. On that day, he fixed the leak from the outside panel by simply taking off the connection and repositioning the washer. He again removed the ice maker, made an adjustment, and replaced it. Presented with another bill for $102, I told him I thought I should get a discount for the second visit since it was necessitated by the ice maker problem not being fixed right the first time. But I would pay it if he would look at the electrical connection from my tow to the RV as I had noticed the brake lights didn?t work on the car anymore when it was being towed. He tightened that connection and the total visit was still within the one hour minimum. Having learned my lesson, I checked the ice maker the next morning, Dec. 14. This time, no leak ? but no ice either. When I called Maria to report this, I expressed my dissatisfaction with the way this whole thing had been handled, and that I was leaving town on Saturday the 18th and I needed the problem fixed or my money refunded for the second visit. She responded, ?We have made progress, haven?t we? The outside leak was fixed and he worked on my electrical problem, which wasn?t contracted for originally.? Arguing that I had paid for all of his time, she said that when you take your RV to a dealer, they have all day to check things out, but a mobile tech doesn?t. I asked if that absolved them from not returning when the work is not done correctly the first time and if so, they should warn their customers of that fact rather than stressing the convenience of a mobile tech. Dana did return on the 15th, made another adjustment and the next morning I had ice, but still had the icicle leak. The next day, I called Dana directly as I didn?t want to deal with Maria?s rudeness any longer. He said he was on the other side of town and couldn?t get to me that day. He recommended I take off the screws from the ice maker and tilt it to the right, away from the leak. I told him I paid him to fix the problem, not to be told how to try to do it myself, so I just asked him to come out the next day. That day he called twice to say he would make it out before 5:00, then before I was leaving at 7:00, but he never showed up and never called again. I had to leave Portland on the 18th, and was pretty much shocked at their total lack of care for their customers or for making sure the work they perform is done correctly. I am sending a copy of this letter to them, asking for a refund of the second trip charge of $102 since I still have to find someone to fix my ice maker problem. I am also copying Norcold, the RV park that recommended them, and Camping World, where he received his training. No matter the outcome, I wanted to warn my fellow RVers about my experience with this company. Terrible, and uncaring attitude made it worse!

          Class A - Gasoline

          Posted: 2007-09-05 00:00:00

          Repaired Norcold refrigerator. Replaced leaking HWH hydraulic fitting. Dana arrived on time as agreed to with his truck. Found the problem with the Norcold refrigerator in about 10 minutes and got it working correctly. Replaced a leaking hydraulic fitting. Both problems were fixed the first time in less than an hour.

          Class A - Diesel

          Posted: 2007-08-08 00:00:00

          Variety of minor but annoying problems: checked and tightened TV antenna cables; replaced spring in awning; replaced pipe cap on roof; fixed toilet leak; diagnosed and repaired problem with motorhome/towed vehicle connection. Excellent. Arrived during appointed 2-hour window. Very quick, knowledgeable service. Very polite. We definitely will use this mobile service again when we are within a 50 mile radius of Portland.

          5th Wheel Trailer

          Posted: 2005-08-09 00:00:00

          My name is R.L.Olson of Gresham,Oregon. I have a 1994, 31 foot Terry 5th Wheel trailer, I bought this trailer in June of 1995, second owner, My first call to Mobile RV Service was on 7/16/01 for battery problems, I have a 2 battery system I had converted from 12 volt to a 6 volt system approx 2 years prior on the advice of a service dept. in Eugene, OR. Dana told me first it was hooked up wrong and second I did not need a 6 volt system as a 12 volt would work fine if hooked up correctly, I did this and he installed a breaker to cut out batteries when in storage. I am still using the same system. Second call, 7/29/01. We were leaving that afternoon for North Dakota and my Refrigerator would work on Electric but not on Gas, That AM I called Mobile RV and Dana made a special trip to my house , found a circuit board in the refrig bad and replaced it. He told me at that time if it quit he would make an extended house call all the way to North Dakota to repair as he needed a vacation, no call was required. Additional service calls are as follows. 8/20/01 = Water Heater repair. Fixed first call. 3/26/02 = New Thermostat. (Fixed first call.) 6/17/03 = Front trailer jack repair. (Fixed first call.) 11/24/03 = New converter. (Fixed first call.) 3/28/05 = Truck/Trailer Break Controller, ( Fixed first call.) 8/09/05 = New Awning Material, springs, New Roll down/up latch. ( Fixed first time.) I have used Mobile RV Tech. Services for 4 years and have never had a problem with their knowledge and professionalism toward getting the job/repair done right the first time out. When you call to book an appointment you simply tell the receptionist what your problems are, ie, what you want looked at and Dana will address each problem and correct or if you are handy with some repairs, how you can do this yourself and save some money........ I have a neighbor whom was camping up at Mt. Hood RV park in Oregon last year and had furnace problems, Dana made an RV park call and actually may have saved their lives as the Furnace was pumping Carbon Monoxide into their trailer at the time. I would rate their service and knowledge as EXCELLENT bar none. Keep mind there are only approx. 6 or 7 repair people in the 7 western united states as qualified and up to date on RV repairs as the people at Mobile RV Technical Services. I would put their skills up against any RV service dept in the USA. You get what you pay for, but you have to be specific about the repairs needed and be willing to pay for their expertise.

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