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    McGeorge RV is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Ashland, VA area.

    RV Repair Direct requests that all past and present customers of this RV Repair Facility leave an honest and detailed review of the service they received. These reviews will help fellow RVers to make confident decisions on where to take their RV for repair in the geographic area of their choice. The reviews below are the opinions of RV Repair Direct readers, and do not reflect the endorsement or opinion of this website.

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          Mobile Repair


          Class A - Gasoline

          Posted: 2003-12-27 00:00:00

          Ordered Storage door latches through parts dept. Took a month to get from Winnebago. They added $15 each for two $7.50 latches as "ordering fee.".

          Class C

          Posted: 2009-04-16 00:00:00

          New motor for the slide. New back up camera. We brought the RV on 4/11/09. Was told we would have delivery on 4/16/09. Did this happen, NO. We were called at 4:45pm 4/15/09 and was told they just brought the RV in to be serviced. This company and SERVICE department are not dependable. They take your money and will not give your deposit back when you want to go to a reputable company. The service department will tell you one thing and then not do another. They are very poor in customer service. The service department stated on 4/15/09 that the motor was to be overnighted was it...we don't know. We didn't even know about the camera!!! Now they say it would be Tuesday 4/21/09 before pick up. Will this happen, who knows. The service department is probably telling us this just to get off of their back. Like I told the sales manager "you got our money, won't give it back, but once we finalize the deal, we will never step foot on this property again." The arrangements we had to made just to take 1/2 day they care??? NO. I ask you DO NOT TAKE YOUR RV to MCGEORGE'S Ashland, VA, you will be sorry. Sorry this is so long, but had to let out my frustration.

          Class A - Gasoline

          Posted: 2008-01-08 00:00:00

          Passenger slide was not fully extending. McGeorges's said a new slide motor was needed. Problem was not fixed when I picked up the unit. I inspected the slide motor and it was covered in dust and dirt -- they had not replaced the motor and were charging me for it! I'll be taking my RV elsewhere. Well, no work was really done. McGeorges's is dishonest and probably criminal.

          Class C

          Posted: 2009-05-01 00:00:00

          I don't know the actual date in May when the work was done. I am the owner of this RV that I have been complaining about since we brought the RV. We still do not have what we need fixed and every time we take it back they do not fix it correctly OR do not fix at all. Example, was told in May 09 that our table top that was ordered is in well we get there and its the wrong table, big surprise, so now they have to order the correct one. They were to fix TV in bedroom and front of cab. The TV in front works, the bedroom does not. There is Velcro on the back of the cushion for the dining table, the Velcro does not match up and the cushion falls. Guess what they did, they nailed 6 nails in a 2x3 Velcro and it still does not match up. They was suppose to install an antenna for our satellite radio...guess what happened the antenna is supposed to be magnetic, wrong answer, they cut a hole in our NEW RV hood and attached the antenna. Well on Aug 20, 09 we took it back because the tabletop that was supposed to be ordered in MAY and we kept calling to see if it came in...they never ordered the new one, well it came in and I had my list again. The service manager said he had "good body mechanic" and can fix the hood. I told him I did not buy this RV with a hole in the hood and we want a new one. The tech told us that the antenna should have been installed on the kidding. There are several other things they need to be fixed...we hope they fix them correctly!! How many more times do we need to go back?? We need these items fix properly because we have an appointment to trade it in. We did speak to an attorney and the attorney stated if we signed a contract and if either of the parties did not fulfill their could have gotten your deposit back. When we had the delivery date in writing and McGeorge's did not deliver on that date...we had them. We have learned a lot about RV's, who is honest and WHO is not. Who is reliable and who is not. Who keeps their word and who does not. McGeorge's is a "who does not". poor

          Class A - Diesel

          Posted: 2010-06-03 00:00:00

          Lots of little warranty things. Other than the simple stuff, I would avoid here. Use Kaeser's RV which is a few miles away. Spotty

          Travel Trailer

          Posted: 2010-03-12 00:00:00

          We purchased a used 2005 Forest River from McGeorge RV in Ashland Va. on 03/12/2010 and we had noticed a few little things that we had pointed out the needed fixing before we left with it. It was very late and had spent a whole day in waiting for all the paper work to be completed. One thing in particular was a broken seal around the slide out and definitely wanted that fixed before we left with it! We asked if they where going to close it up, because there was a really bad storm coming that evening and had started to rain a little before we left, and we where concerned about the seal because you could see the outside from inside and we did not want it to get wet! Oh sure we will that care of it they said!!! So we went home and left the camper for repair and they went inside and gave us all the papers stating that we bought it as is that day!!! So we get a call the next day and said they the had repaired all of the little thing including the seal and inspected it so we could pick it up when we where ready! So we arrive that Saturday to pick it up and we where so excited and we wanted to do a final inspection of our own so we asked if we could see it one more time before we left the lot with it! We open the door and there is no one with us, none of the ever so helpful people that helped us purchase it, no words of encouragement or a picture for the board that everyone else was getting or a ring of the Bell that people that had just purchased an RV that day! So we walk in our new camper even though it was not brand new it was new to us and quite more then we had went there to purchase but it was really beautiful! Went we walked in we smelled mildew right away and the carpet appeared to be vacuumed so I bent down and the carpet was drenched, I do not mean a little wet I mean like break out the wet-vac and panic wet. So the we put out the slide and mind you they had closed it up and let it sit wet from Monday till Saturday when we have been able to pick it up! So after the slide was out we could now see where mold was already beginning to grow up the wall where the leak had been from the seal they they where suppose to repair was! All the way under the couch and and the wall paper was pealing off where it had gotten so wet from the terrible storm we had gotten the night we left it on the lot with then the day we purchased it!!! So we go inside and we are so heart broken and disappointed and we think that they are going to help us! We where ask to sit and wait for the manager, as we felt like crying, suddenly we realize everyone in the place that had been so nice to us were totally ignoring us as if we were not there! So after an hour our sales rep come into work and this was his third day on the job and he obviously was not aware of what had happened cause he shook our hand and ask us how was our new camper, so we took him outside and ask him what he thought! He excused himself while we still are waiting for the manager to look at what had happened and finally he come back and says to us, Oh they shampooed the carpet!!! We might not be experts on the RV business but I know that there is no rug shampooer that will fit under the sofa and soak the walls and leave the carpet wet enough to ring out!!! So we go back inside because they have now paged us off the lot to speak to the manager finally! He quickly takes us inside a conference room and shuts the door not to his office cause that is on the floor so no one could hear what we had to say! We explain that it looks like someone left the slide out open the night we had left it for repair, and it is stinking and growing mold!!! He gets really ugly and begins to tell us that we had purchased that unit as is!!! OMG, my blood pressure begins to boil!!! He says that they did the repair and inspected it and it was as is! Well I lost it because here we are with a $10,900.00 hunk of soaking wet molded RV from McGeorge!!! So I threatened to report then to the "12 on you side" news team that investigates fraud and uncovers crooks in the area! Well he did not like that one bit, we had taken pictures with our phone the day we bought and left if for then to repair and again this day as my husband slopped the carpet and photoed the mold on the walls! So then they said OK we will fix everything and dry the carpet and kill the mold! OK, to make a long story short another week goes by and we go in to get our new camper by this time I really do not even want to go back to this nightmare of a place. So it looked dry and no longer see mold but by then we had no chose but to take it cause it was ours and we had had it with McGeorge RV! So the next weekend we take it out out on the road just to try it out and we decide till we get use to it we will take a hour trip cause we where looking for property at Lake Anna to put it on so we could use it every weekend! So as we are going across some railroad tracks in a little small town a guy yells at us, and says you have a flat tire! So we stop and put on the spare! Guess what another 30 minutes to the campground we have another blow out, as we pull in!!! So we go and buy a tire! Spent the day doing that! So we set up, finally and we make a fire and calm down from the days event of 2 flats on our new camper!!! All the sudden we hear water pouring from under the camper, we look and there is water leaking from a hole so we run inside see nothing leaking, carpet is getting wet from behind a panel that is screwed in. Get a screw driver and guess what there is a water filter that someone forgot to put the hose back on!!! OMG, McGeorge RV!!! So we dry that out and go to bed, had enough! Two days later we go home with our new camper, no events because we think we fixed all the problems... Not, as soon as we pull out of the campground guess what, another blow out on a tire, by this time my husband is cussing and I am crying! Call roadside assistant, the guy is just laughing cause he is telling us all the tires are dry rotted and they looked brand new and shiny, and had just been inspected by McGeorge RV!!! So we get a tow and 2 new tires now we need a spare cause we already put that on bought 3 more and make it home and guess what as we are backing into the driveway blow out the Spare we put on the first one at the railroad tracks!!! So by this time we are just laughing and I am sure McGeorge was doing the same as we pulled out of the parking lot with that camper!!! So $850.00 dollars later we have 5 new tires. So now after two years and using the thing 3 times due to an illness we have decided to get rid of it for a smaller one because we purchased a property at Lake Anna with an RV already on it! We want a smaller one just to drag around for weekend trips! So we go to trade it in, NOT at McGeorge and they inspect it and discover that under the slide out where the leak form the seal had rotted out the floor and to fix it someone put a piece of plywood and ducked taped it in and then replaced the fiberglass bottom and even though we heard a clunk every time we opened it, we were told by McGeorge that it was just the floor of the slide out going in place! We were never informed about this, floor being rigged up by anyone at McGeorge, or we would have probably never purchased it. The inspector at the place where we are purchasing our next camper says we can not prove that McGeorge did that since it was ownered by someone else before they got it! But unless you took the fiberglass all out from underneath and inspected you would never see that, and we all do that when we buy a camper! That's where buyer be Leary of Crooks!!! We tend to trust the RV company we are buying cause they inspected it when they took it in, just like they place we are taking ours into is doing for trade in, Only to inform us that it is a $4000.00 job to fix and now we have to eat that! Thanks to McGeorge Rolling Hills RV! So while we are all excited again about trading in on something else in our soon to be golden years for leisure and no headache and no worries, the man doing the inspection at Southern RV on Jefferson, shows us where the screws are backing out of the floor under the duck tape, that we heard clunk every time we put the slide out was it clunking over the plywood and duck tape that was put in by we do not no who so the slide out floor would not fall out from under us as we ate at the table! We have pictures in case no one believes this story! But since we can not prove that part was done by you know who, Southern RV has been so kind as to fix the problem for $2000.00 plus our sale at there lose just to keep us as a costumers, so that no one else ends up with a slide killing them, if it should happen to fall out while sitting on it or under it! That is literally what was happening, even the fiberglass around it was beginning to crack around it, and we thought it was from the sun! It was from the loud clunk, of getting over the backed out screws! Oh and do not ever trust your State inspected tires from McGeorge cause you may not be as lucky as we where and be just sitting when all 5 tires blow out on you! All's I know is God was with us when they blew out cause we could have been killed had we have been on a highway at a great speed! That's how much they care about there costumers... No wonder no one rang the bells and took our picture when we bought our RV from them, cause they where thinking what suckers. I do not know how they sleep at night! McGeorge Rolling Hills, Crap Work and Crap service!!! Southern RV in Virginia has been wonderful to us and we know better now, I have looked for complaints on the web about them and nothing but great reviews. Can't say the same for McGeorge, there is not one good review on here about them!!!

          5th Wheel Trailer

          Posted: 2012-01-12 00:00:00

          Repaint front cap, repair roof vent. This was the last time I will ever go to McGeorges for anything, Ever! They got over spray all over my new camper, and ruined the finish getting it off. I have dealt with these clowns for three year now. My previous camper was the same story, always would sit there for weeks before they even start on it. Then take months to finish, only to be disappointed with shoddy repairs and high prices. They are the worst.

          Travel Trailer

          Posted: 2010-11-05 00:00:00

          I have had several issues with them regarding service for my Travel Trailer that was purchased there in March 2009. After taking the camper out for the first few times, took the trailer in to get several items looked at. The awning had a small hole in it and it did not roll up on the bar correctly, after leaving it with them for several days, called back and asked what was going on, was told that the manufacture denied the claim on the awning. I was a little surprised since we had the trailer less than 1 year and we purchased the extended warranty and in my thoughts, this was a defect. I contacted Keystone and was told by them that they had not received any claims regarding my issue. I called Rolling Hills and asked them what was going on and he said they would contact them again, they again told me that it was denied, after calling Keystone again, and given the same response that they had not received any claims, I went to them in person and told them who I contacted at Keystone the date and time when I called them and told them that Keystone was willing to replace the awning. After getting a few weird looks, the guy tried to blame the tech for not filling out the paperwork properly. After getting the travel trailer back, I vowed never to take my service needs there again. I had heard and read about the bad reviews they had been given and decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Well no more, they have lived up to their reputation. I am removing the dealership sticker from my travel trailer and taking my service needs elsewhere as Keystone suggested. Very poor work and the dealership lies to customers!

          Class A - Gasoline

          Posted: 2010-09-17 00:00:00

          Brought my RV in for repair in August 2010. Requested they fix the following issues: stove burner burns yellow (carbon monoxide danger), backup monitor system video flickers, rolls, blanks out (told service rep that camera & monitor were already replaced & that the problem was in the video cable), refrigerator won't stay cold on hot days, awning cord breaking up causing it to come out of roller tube, generator cuts off during hard turns, big bumps. After 4 weeks I was told RV was ready. Arrived to pick-up RV & batteries were drained to 8vdc, potentially damaging them; stove burner would not lite-when it did, it created a large fireball; awning fabric, only, was replaced (I was told by service rep that metal wrap would also be replaced); generator issue unverifiable; found back-up monitor system had new "monitor" but still had same original problem; refrigerator had thermistor replaced, but found refrigerator full of MOLD and MILDEW. Nothing was fixed the way I was told it would be and I was being charged $1600 (not to mention how much my extended warranty company paid). When I brought all these issues to the service reps attention I got a bad attitude and "well I didn't have time to check out the systems before you showed up" comment. He had no reason as to why I didn't get a full awning with metal wrap. Later he called me and said he "mis-read" the service technicians notes and only the awning fabric was going to be replaced up to the metal wrap. 2 weeks later I was told RV was ready, but the stove couldn't be fixed because the extended warranty company wouldn't approve a new stove (only a burner). The day I went to pick up my RV, I was told by the service rep that he got permission from the warranty company to replace the whole stove. When I arrived I checked the RV and the monitor was still flickering, the stove still made fireballs, the awning didn't have the metal wrap and I couldn't test the refrigerator at all. The refrigerator was cleaned though. After I reluctantly paid the bill, I tried to schedule to get the stove replaced; the service rep basically said "you'll need to take it somewhere else, or have an Amana repair technician come to your house". Basically he was saying they wouldn't service me because I complained about their poor service. When I got home I found that someone from their repair shop had used the bathroom in my toilet (with no water in the system) and left feces and toilet paper in the bowl. Extremely poor and unprofessional.

          Travel Trailer

          Posted: 2012-10-07 00:00:00

          Bought the trailer a few weeks ago and have nothing but good luck with it. I did need service on my hitch as I installed the brake controller but they where able to fix my attempt at saving a buck. I had done business with them before and it was not pleasant. Now the staff from sales on down to the service folks are all right and they seem to care.... Something new there.... Hope it stays. All I can say is it was nice. Took my money and gave me more than I expected.... Guess I will have to raise my expectations of them now. Y'all keep it up!

          Class A - Gasoline

          Posted: 2006-08-31 00:00:00

          1. decal on driver?s side needed replacing, this was found during the PDI. 2. Rock chip on driver?s side front windshield. This was found during PDI. 3. passenger floor gets wet when driving in the rain. 4. drawer under stove comes open while driving 5. shower valve leaks into lower compartment 6. small spot on roof, looks like it was damaged from underneath during assembly 7. compartment door on bedroom slide would not stay latched 8. crack in rear cap 9. trim on door came loose 10. furnace vibrates and makes a lot of noise 11. steps will no longer retract when the engine is started I made an appointment for August 31st to fix a list of warranty items. When dropped of it was to be finished in 2 weeks, Sept 14th, unless they had to wait on parts. I called on Sept 12th and was told they were waiting on parts to come in. Called on the 14th, still waiting on parts, and called on the 15th and the parts still had not arrived. On the 15th I requested the service writer go through the list on the phone with me to make sure that all the other repairs were finished. During this conversation I found that none of the repairs had been done except the roof, he stated it had been finished. I informed the service writer during this conversation I would be picking the RV up on Sept 22 and I excepted the work to be finished. I called on the 18th and they were still waiting on parts. Called the 19th and the parts were in. This was a different service writer and I told her once again that I was picking the RV up on Sept 22nd and the repairs needed to be finished by then. I called again on the 20th and the 21st to make sure the repairs were being done. Each day I told the service writer that last week the repairs had not been done and I was picking the RV up on the 22nd and I expected the repairs to be finished. I also informed her that I would be there at 3:30. I arrived with my family and dog at 3:25 to pick up the RV and it was found that the parts that came in during the week were not installed. I was told the RV would be ready in 20 minutes while they installed the decal on the side. I later discovered they installed the shower valve during this time but I was never told this. Finally at 4:45, long 20 minutes, the RV was brought to the front for me to take. I first checked the roof. The tech that did the roof repair stepped on the hitch ball and put grease marks on each ladder rung. The roof now has a hard grey substance covering the damaged area. The middle of the grey patch is a crack with parts of broken fiberglass sticking up through it. The decal was installed and the latch on the compartment was fixed however, the latch was tightened so much that it caved in the outside fiberglass. The shower valve does not leak but it is on upside down. The tech scraped all the old sealer off the panel that the shower valve attaches to but no new sealer was applied and the old sealer was left on the shower floor along with a lot of dirty foot prints. None of the other repairs were ever started or finished. Also, the carpet was dirty and we spent the weekend picking up gravel inside and killing nats and flies. I showed all this to the service writer after she stated that McGeorge?s quality control person went through the RV and checked all the repairs. If they have a quality control person how can they check the repairs if they were never done? I was promised the repairs would be done at another date. I have been trying since the first of November to get another appointment but I have now given up. Worst service I have ever received.

          Travel Trailer

          Posted: 2007-06-29 00:00:00

          As we were preparing to leave for a weekend of camping in our Travel Trailer, I noticed that the coach battery was cooked. This had been the first time we had used our RV since having the converter/charger replaced under warranty at the end of the previous season. My concern was that a failure with the new converter/charger was the cause of the cooked battery. On our way out of town we stopped by McGeorge and explained the problem. They tested our system on the spot to ensure that the problem was not with the converter/charger. Upon replacing the battery they showed me what to test using a multi-meter when we arrived at the campground. They assured me that if anything was wrong with the converter/charge they would repair it under warranty and also replace the new battery should anything damage it over the weekend. All systems performed perfectly and the weekend was saved by their fast and responsive service. Other than the cost of the new battery, they charged me nothing to test the system. Fantastic! Immediate response in order to get us on the road to our vacation. Thanks!

          5th Wheel Trailer

          Posted: 2007-09-24 00:00:00

          Goodyear tire kicked off it's tread and damaged the fender skirt on trailer. This place replaced fender skirt and checked for any other damage, which there was none. Happy with the job they did. Happy with Christy the service writer.

          Class A - Gasoline

          Posted: 2004-09-10 00:00:00

          Warranty work: Adjust jerky slide, Satellite not working, Front windshield curtain wand broken, Dash Radio looses memory when off and Heat pump fan not working properly, bouncy feeling in front end, grease leaking out of lug nuts. (3) attempts on slide = worse then ever before (scratching exterior paint), Satellite still not working, curtain rod is on order (3 weeks and counting), rewired radio and still doing the same, heat pump fan still not working properly, no problem found on other items or could not duplicate problem. They had my unit for three weeks last month and fixed 3 out of 12 items and asked if I would leave again (I refused and took it home). Workhorse items are being taken care of else where and Winnebago items are being referred to another dealer. Rolling Hills claims they will still turn in claims against my warranty even though they did NOT fix them. I purchased my $120k unit from Rolling Hills in Feb and have not received good service at all. More evaluation: soda left on floor, service manuals removed from my folder and are missing, service techs personal papers tucked in my recliner, table and chairs used in dining area, draws left open in kitchen, house batteries were dead, chassis battery was dead.

          Class A - Gasoline

          Posted: 2004-11-01 00:00:00

          Bought the unit there and it was not prepared to go out when I picked it up. It had 2 leaking pressure lines I had to find and point out to them. Took unit in again for warranty work and some was done, other work not done but in the process cokes in my refrigerator were missing. Later had some warranty work to be done and I called and was assured the parts were in to fix it. Brought the unit in at agreed on time, waited 2 hours then was told they had to order the parts. Bush league all the way. Never again.

          Class A - Gasoline

          Posted: 2006-03-01 00:00:00

          Annual state inspection & oil change. Service was performed as scheduled and with a normal wait. There were no problems with the work they did. HOWEVER, they did try to sell me on having them check for and clean out any mud dauber nests. Price $400. Told them no thanks. It took less than half an hour to do this at home. This kind of thing REALLY hurts their credibility in my opinion.

          Class A - Diesel

          Posted: 2005-12-27 00:00:00

          Repair of torn wiring in a slide-out and Kwikee jacks. Annual oil change and fluid check. Excellent. Service Department has done a complete turn around. We bought our RV from them July 2004 and had extremely bad warranty service from them for over a year. However, this work was done as promised and on time. The extended warranty provider was properly billed. New Service Manager and service writers. We received two follow up calls for a survey asking if we were satisfied. My opinion of McGeorge has gone up significantly with their new emphasis on quality.

          Class A - Gasoline

          Posted: 2005-12-01 00:00:00

          30 days after buying this hunk of junk from McGeorge RV I found out on my own both exhaust manifolds were cracked -call them sent e-mail pictures drove 140 miles there ---they took motorhome down the road -- said yep they are cracked and leaking charged me 46.00 to tell me what I already knew. Then had the gall to tell me it would be 2100.00 to fix plus parts well I came back home --- and bought all the parts did the work my self --- no leaks for 480.00 parts and all new bolts. NEVER WILL I GO THERE

          Travel Trailer

          Posted: 2006-06-13 00:00:00

          Annual servicing of refrigerator, furnace, water heater and air conditioner and repair air conditioner. Also, estimate cost to repair damage done by tire blow out. We had an appointment on 6/13/06. We took the trailer in and left it. On 6/21/06 they called and asked if we wanted the trailer for the weekend. I said yes and asked if the air conditioner had been repaired. They stated that the trailer had not even been in the shop yet, that they were behind, and that they would have it done by Friday. On Friday, 6/23/06, they called and said the whole air conditioning unit would have to be replaced at a cost of $800 to $850. We had to again inform them that it was still under warranty, something which my husband had discussed with them when we took the trailer in. They then stated they had to contact the manufacturer. We received a call from them on 6/27/06 advising us that the manufacturer was sending them a new relay and fan motor. We questioned this as they had previously advised us that the whole unit had to be replaced. They then said that it could be repaired. We heard nothing from them again so I called today, 7/11/06, two weeks later. I was told that they were waiting for the parts. I told them they told us this two weeks ago. After checking, they found the parts had come in and are telling us that the trailer will be ready to be picked up on Friday. We'll see! They are charging us $100 per appliance for the annual service and wanted another $100 to do an estimate of the damage which we told them to forget. This is not the first time we have had problems with the service department. Every time we have taken the trailer in we have had to wait weeks to get it back. We regret having bought the trailer there and will never buy from them again. We are also going to find another servicing facility.

          Class A - Diesel

          Posted: 2006-03-17 00:00:00

          The following letter is sent to provide you with information of my recent service visit to McGeorge?s Rolling Hills RV in Ashland, VA. On March 17, 2006, I dropped of my Presidio 39B for the following service items: ? Perform 150 hour service on generator ? Repair water heater bypass valve under sink, this developed leak causing flooding, temporary repair made, Mandalay had sent me the part, I left the part on the sink so they would not have to order another ? Perform alignment (steering wheel is cocked when driving in a straight line) ? Windshield leak (third time for this issue) ? Replace burned out fog-light ? Repair entry door, does not shut without excessive slamming ? Replace engine louver, fell off during first trip from dealer on the way home ? Replace broken ladder ? Replace bathroom shade, broken string ? Replace wet bay strut, door does not stay up ? Replace broken closet door hold latch ? Repair cracked fender, owner caused when hit ditch After several calls to find out when the rig was ready, I was told it was finally ready on May 12, 2006 (Friday). I had to call to find this out, the service department did not call me. When I asked if I could pick it up, the service writer told me he would call me back. I never received a call back. I called the service department on Monday, May 15, 2006 and told them I would be picking up the RV that day. I was told that there was a broken drawer caused by a technician and they ordered the part and it would be in later that week. I said they could mail me the part and that I needed to pick up the RV. When I arrived, I was told the RV was being cleaned, i.e. the RV was not ready. I asked to see the broken drawer because if it was not too bad, I could still use it temporarily. I was told the drawer was sent back to the factory. After looking over the RV the following was noted: ? Perform 150 hour service on generator ? I ASSUME THIS WAS DONE, ALTHOUGH DUST LEVELS ON THE GENERATOR LEAVE ME IN DOUBT ? Repair water heater bypass valve under sink, this developed leak causing flooding, temporary repair made ? REPAIR NOT COMPLETE, ALTHOUGH I WAS TOLD IT WAS AND IT WAS STATED ON THE WORK ORDER AS COMPLETE. ALSO, THE WOODEN SHELF UNDER THE SINK WAS NOT INSTALLED, MORE ON THIS BELOW ? Perform alignment (steering wheel is cocked when driving in a straight line) ? STEERING WHEEL IS STILL COCKED ? Windshield leak (third time for this issue) ? APPEARS TO BE REPAIRED ? Replace burned out fog-light - FIXED ? Repair entry door, does not shut without excessive slamming ? FIXED, HOWEVER, NOW THE DEADBOLT DOES NOT LOCK ? Replace engine louver, fell off during first trip from dealer on the way home ? COMPLETE AND LOOKS GOOD ? Replace broken ladder - COMPLETE ? Replace bathroom shade, broken string ? COMPLETE, HOWEVER, SHADE WAS INSTALLED BACKWARD ? Replace wet bay strut, door does not stay up - COMPLETE ? Replace broken closet door hold latch ? COMPLETE, BUT PRICE STICKER LEFT ON, I HAD TO REMOVE LATCH AND SCRAPE OFF STICKER AND REINSTALL LATCH ? Repair cracked fender, owner caused when hit ditch ? VERY NICE REPAIR, I WAS TOLD THIS WAS DONE BY AN OUTSIDE REPAIR SHOP When I asked about under the sink, I was told since they did not have the under sink shelf or backer board, they could not fix. I WAS NEVER CONTACTED IN THE 2 MONTHS THAT THE RV WAS IN THE SHOP ABOUT THIS. Then I showed the service writer that the parts were under the bed where I said they were they day I brought in the RV. ALSO UNDER THE BED WAS THE DRAWER (THE ONE I WAS TOLD EARLIER THAT A TECH BROKE AND WAS SENT BACK TO THE FACTORY). When I became VOCAL to the service manager, she asked me to step into her office. I said that I think it should be heard about the lousy service I was receiving, especially to the customers in there buying RVs. She then told be she would call the police. I told her to go ahead. After she spoke with the dealer manager, I guess she did not, since the police never came. After looking over the techs shoulder and explaining how to repair the under sink bypass valve (they did not instill much confidence), the valve and under sink area were finally repaired. 2 ? hours later we were finally out of the dealership. At no time, did a manager come to apologize for the quality of service I received. I had had issues with McGeorge?s Rolling Hills RV service department in the past and was not confident in their abilities. However, I was told that there was a management change and that things were better. So, I gave them the benefit of the doubt and returned. From the items described here, it is obvious that there are serious service issues with this dealership. In summary, repairs were not completed to my satisfaction, I was LIED to about the drawer being broken, I was threatened with arrest, and service writers blamed technicians and technicians blamed service writers. I please ask anyone wishing to consider purchase from McGeorge?s Rolling Hills RV consider another dealer if they wish to have service performed there. I also ask that Mandalay consider dropping McGeorge?s Rolling Hills RV as a representative for their products. Thank you. Distribution: Jim East ? Service Manger - McGeorge?s Rolling Hills RV Mark Stanley ? Mandalay Luxury Coach Open Roads Forum Yahoo Groups ? Mandalay RV - Mandalay and Presidio RV Motorhomes See above. Poor service. Poor customer service.

          Travel Trailer

          Posted: 2006-07-05 00:00:00

          Travel Trailer Delivery Sales experience was OK, but their service department is THE WORST. On delivery day, I arrived at the scheduled time to take delivery expecting it to be ready to go, but I was told it wasn't ready yet. After 2 hours of waiting, they finally called me, we walked out back, and to my surprise, the travel trailer was THE WRONG ONE! The guy that had been working on it for the past two hours to get it ready acted like it was my fault and gave me a hard time. When we checked the paperwork together, all of the paperwork was right, but he had pulled the wrong trailer from the lot. It didn't end there. I had agreed to the "Teflon spray" package during the sales pitch (which I wish I had declined, but that's another story). Anyway, they didn't have any of the Teflon stuff to spray on the travel trailer, so they scheduled with me to come back. I live two hours away, so this involves me taking off work to have this done. I arrived on the scheduled day at 8:30AM right when they opened up in the morning and dropped the trailer off and drove into Richmond to kill a couple of hours. After a while, I called in to check on the status expecting it to be ready to pick up and was told that they didn't have any of the spray stuff in stock!! The trailer had just been sitting there for two hours since I had dropped it off. After letting the service manager have a piece of my mind, he said he would have one of his guys drive out somewhere and buy some so that they could get it done. So, I waited a couple more hours. Another call, another run around. They finally finished up right at closing time - 5:00PM. But it didn't stop there. When I asked for the keys, THEY COULDN'T FIND THEM. Well, shame on me, I still had both sets attached on one key ring from delivery. But they couldn't really be lost, could they? After talking to just about every person in the service department myself since the service manager had left by now, and after they turned the place upside down, the conclusion by the staff still present was that one of the guys had them in his pocket and took them home with him. They said to call tomorrow and they would get them from him and mail them to me. Well, he didn't have them. After another run around with the service manager and two days after they lost my keys, I finally resorted to leaving a voice mail for Mr. McGeorge himself letting him know about the situation. Within a few hours, they sent somebody on a two hour drive to my house and he replaced all of the locks and provided me with a new set of keys free of charge. They resolved the situation, but it should have never gotten that far in the first place. Anyway, that's my long story. Their sales department might be OK, but their service has to be the absolute worst in the industry.

          5th Wheel Trailer

          Posted: 2006-08-11 00:00:00

          When we purchased a 2007 NuWa HitchHiker Champagen, we asked them to install a washer/dryer combo and a TrailAir Suspension. We agreed on a delivery date 10 days later. During the washer dryer installation, they cut a four inch hole for the dryer vent too close to the inspection door, making the door useless. They failed to seal the dryer vent cover properly, which would have allowed water to leak into the sidewall of the trailer had I not sealed it myself. They called after we signed the contract and told me that NuWa and TrailAir would not allow them to install the suspension mods. End result was that NuWa paid for me to take the trailer to the TrailAir factory at Goshen, IN and McGeorge's would pay for the installation. On completion of the installation, we called McGeorge's to obtain billing information and nobody knew anything about the deal until I threatened to have the suspension pulled off, drop the trailer at McGeorge's the following Friday and have a lawyer discuss the problem with them on Monday. They paid the bill. When we arrived at the appointed time to pick up the trailer, they did not have the washer/dryer installation complete, the trailer had not been cleaned and several other items we had pointed out 10 days prior had not been taken care of. We took delivery of a filthy trailer at 4 pm that afternoon.

          Class A - Diesel

          Posted: 2004-01-01 00:00:00

          Warranty work ... paint repairs, several interior items, replace non-working winterizing solenoid, re-aim headlights, repair leaks in basement storage compartments so-so .... fixed maybe half, "explained" several away but problems remained, new winterizing solenoid installed did not work and leaked like crazy, had headlights aimed by a truck shop one month later for $114 (they found them way off aim, I requested & received reimbursement from Winnebago), after warranty paint repairs they billed me over $500 "for balance not paid by Winnebago." I had to resolve issue with Winnebago (I eventually paid nothing) with no help from Rolling Hills.

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