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    Marks RV is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Fort Myers, FL area.

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          5th Wheel Trailer

          Posted: 2007-03-10 00:00:00

          Check Brakes The service adviser was very rude and we should have left then. We asked to have our brakes checked to make sure all was well. We had a brake question and they walked us back to visit the mechanic. He was not real interested in us or our questions and actually walked away during the conversation. We should have left then but we had driven 50 miles to get there and wanted to get the brakes checked out. Upon completion of the work and before leaving the dealership, my wife noticed that about 5 of the wheel lugs were rounded off. The service adviser first told us we brought it in that way. That was totally false as it is almost impossible to turn the lugs that tight by hand. They gave me one spare lug to put on myself. When we got home we tried to get the lug off by hand and could not. It was too rounded off. After calling the dealership back to report the problem, the same rude service adviser told me I had to bring it back to them and they would not reimburse if I wanted to take it elsewhere. I said I could not drive the 50 miles down since the wheels could not be removed as the lugs were rounded off after their service. He basically told me too bad. I asked for the service manager and he did OKed our taking it to RV Services Unlimited and they paid our added expense for that service. RV Services finally got the lugs off with the air gun and replaced them. If we didn't notice the lug problem and had a flat while traveling in a remote area, we could not have gotten the tire off ourselves and that would have been a real problem. The dealership did reimburse me for the cost to have that done. The service manager was nice and helpful, but the service writer and the tech were very bad and I would have to advise to stay clear.

          5th Wheel Trailer

          Posted: 2007-01-26 00:00:00

          Resolve minor water leak problem under warranty on new Carriage 5th wheel purchased in Canada. Selling dealer could not find/diagnose leak. Service adviser was brisk and borderline uncooperative but finally agreed to book us in (even after the appointment had been made a week earlier). They didn't seem happy with doing warranty work (especially on a unit sold elsewhere). BUT, the work was done well and they didn't stop at a fairly minor water hose leak. They also found a leak under the shower that was unsuspected. Good work!

          Class A - Diesel

          Posted: 2006-01-25 00:00:00

          On 2002 Winnebago Journey heater core leaked, had to replace after we were towed in off I75. Winnebago gave 4 hrs. for labor; Mark's needed 10.5 hrs. After full week of negotiation they did it in 8 hrs, but only after many phone calls, delays, etc. Promptly replaced drive shaft correctly after towing to shop, and replacement of heater core was OK, but they did not flush/replace coolant as requested although they did change engine oil/filter as ordered. Took several calls to Winnebago & Freightliner and to Mark's to get it all done.

          Travel Trailer

          Posted: 2005-12-12 00:00:00

          Floor was soft in the entire trailer. Took it to Marks to be repair the entire floor. After very long delays in getting work done, we were called several times to pick up trailer, only to find out it wasn't ready. (Wasting 2 hr. trips each time) At completion they had only repaired the very small bathroom floor ($8,000.00) and never even began the rest of the trailer floor! They claimed that wasn't included in their original estimate, which of course was not the truth. We would never have agreed to $8,000.00 for a 4 X 5 floor area. Unacceptable, criminal behavior. Extremely disorganized and dishonest. Work was incomplete and sloppy. Highly recommend you go elsewhere for service.

          Class A - Gasoline

          Posted: 2005-07-11 00:00:00

          Electrical problems This place is a joke! Nobody knows what's going on and the G.M. is the Invisible Man.

          Class A - Gasoline

          Posted: 2005-07-06 00:00:00

          Warranty Recall by Monaco. Contacted Marks RV two weeks prior to service, took recall papers from Monaco (1 week in advance to Marks RV) stated they could do the work, kept the RV 4 days, lost the recall papers (they claim) advised they were not qualified to handle the recall work. Never called us or notified us during 4 days they had RV. Had to have work done at another RV dealer 150 miles away. Words cannot describe their unprofessional attitude, work ethics or lack of customer respect. They are (were) a Monaco dealer recommended by Monaco as capable of doing the recall. I would not take my kid's scooter to them for any type of repair work.

          Class A - Diesel

          Posted: 2005-02-01 00:00:00

          Replace hydraulic pump that operates the slides and jacks After discussions with John Doolittle of marks RV, it was found that the techs at Marks are certified by Winnebago and they did all possible to fix my coach.

          Class A - Diesel

          Posted: 2005-02-01 00:00:00

          As an update to my last entry, I learned yesterday that the person I mentioned as the service manager is in fact not. Sorry for any confusion. After a follow up call to marks, I learned that the person I assumed to be the service manager was not.

          Class A - Diesel

          Posted: 2005-02-01 00:00:00

          Our 2005 Horizon was taken to Marks RV because the leveling jacks and slide outs had quit working. The tech at marks related that the pump that operates this system had failed and would need replaced. After 8 days of being lied to about the status of our coach, (and nearly $900.00 of hotel costs) the service manager told us that he was now going to put his best mechanics on the job in an attempt to complete it. Apparently the man working on our coach from the beginning was not a very good mechanic. We were then told that due to a lack of technical support from Winnebago and HWH, his techs were unable to repair our coach. The quality of the over all experience was poor due to the lack of qualified mechanics, the lack of communication between the mechanics and service manager and the flat out lies told by the mechanics and service manager.

          5th Wheel Trailer

          Posted: 2004-05-25 00:00:00

          Replace defective roller on front of super slide and check seals They did replace the rollers, well 4 out of 7 anyway and did replace the seals .... however the entire slide then leaked on the top where it had never leaked before For an in depth look at the problems please visit the web site we put up which also includes their reply

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