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    Dixie RV is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Newport News, VA area.

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          Mobile Repair


          Class A - Gasoline

          Posted: 2008-09-09 00:00:00

          Parts not received, probably not even ordered. On Thursday, August 21st we had a power surge at the campground where we were staying but didn?t realize until the next day that it had fried our refrigerator coil. It was too late in the day to get help and there was an RV show somewhere in the area over the weekend so even the dealers that were open were on a skeleton crew so we waited until Monday to start shopping around for a place that could replace the coil. Extra business the dealers had picked up over the weekend and Rvers making arrangement for end of the season maintenance made everyone pretty busy. On Tuesday, against our better judgment, we selected Dixie RV on 11963 Jefferson Avenue in Newport News, VA who had told us they could have the part in two days and install it the day after it arrived. We lived in Newport News for 18 years and remembered Dixie never had a good reputation back then, but thought perhaps since Dodd RV had opened less than a mile north of Dixie they would have to offer better customer service or lose business to Dodd who has an excellent reputation. We thought wrong! We heard nothing from Dixie for the rest of the week and had no contact with them until I called them on Wednesday, September 3rd at which time the part still had not arrived. On that same day I ordered an outside surge protector and was told they order parts on Saturday and they arrive the following Tuesday. By Monday, September 8th we still had no contact from the people at Dixie and I called again. After being on hold for ?7 minutes? I hung up and called back and was on hold for another excessive ?8 minutes? before I was finally connected to the service person and all she could say was ?sorry? she hadn?t checked if the part was in but would check now if I wanted to hold (some more) which I did. She returned to tell me the parts manager wasn?t in and she would call me ?not later than? 11 am the next morning to let me know what she found out. After not hearing from her at 1:30 pm we drove to Dixie?s and spoke to a manager. At this point it has been two weeks, not the promised two days since the part was supposedly ordered so we decided to skip the service person and speak to a manager and were informed the part was on back order and wouldn?t be shipped until Thursday, September 11th and unlikely to arrive before Monday at which time they would fit us in to have the part installed. Like we were going to believe that statement! The manager only made excuses for their poor service saying they?d recently fired an employee and the service rep we were working with was overwhelmed with extra work. Perhaps one of their ?4 managers? could take up some slack, they don?t seem to make any effort. It being Tuesday I went to the parts desk to pick up the surge protector and learned once again our part hadn?t been delivered as promised. This part was special ordered so it was non refundable, Dodd on the other hand keeps these parts in stock. It?s one thing that Dixie has very poor customer service skills, quite another to be ignored and lied to for over two weeks. According to the spiel you will listen to when you call and are put on hold, they?d like you to believe you are important to them and their service is the best in the business when in our opinion the opposite is true. We decided to call around again to the other RV dealers to find someone else to deal with even if it meant we had to wait longer for the part and installation, we no longer wished to deal with Dixie RV. When this all started I neglected to tell any dealer we had contacted that we live in our motorhome and a working refrigerator is rather important to us, we just kept calling places until we found ?the one? who claimed they would get the job done the soonest. Once we decided to let Dixie handle the repair they were made aware of the fact we are fulltimers. The first place we called back was Dodd RV, they said they wished we had told them we were fulltimers with our first call and of course they would help us out now if we wanted to work with them. They ordered the part Wednesday morning it arrived Friday afternoon, they called immediately upon its arrival and said to bring our motorhome in at 9 am Monday morning and they would get it installed?.. versus the part possibly arriving at Dixie on Monday. We highly recommend avoiding Dixie and most certainly taking your business to Dodd RV if you?re ever in need of quality service in the Newport News, VA area. If you don?t heed this warning we can have no sympathy for you.

          5th Wheel Trailer

          Posted: 2006-10-03 00:00:00

          Heater repair. I bought my Keystone Raptor from Lazy Days in Fl. I only live 2 hours away from Dixie but Lazy Days was 2,000 cheaper and I decided to buy from Lazy Days. The sales Team at Dixie tried to get my business and their final statement was this ( we are not as big a dealer as Lazy Days and cannot match the deal they are offering you) So I went with Lazy Days(MY Mistake) Here is what I really liked about Dixie. I have been to many dealers Car, Truck, RV and so on and one thing most of them have told me is that if I buy somewhere else they will not do my warranty work (this always rubbed me the wrong way) When I told Dixie I was going to deal with Lazy Days they told me they were sorry to hear that but they would be more then willing to any warranty work that might come up. I did have a warranty Issue and Dixie went out of their way to help me and the job was done right the first time. Perfect

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