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    Camper’s Corral is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Sebring, FL area.

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          Posted: 2003-02-15 00:00:00

          Brake magnets, Gas regulator, Umbilical September 2, 2004 Robert Cormier Camper's Corral Sebring, FL Dear Robert, In February of 2004 I brought my Airstream trailer to you with a brake problem, an LP gas problem, and a trailer to truck cable problem. You diagnosed the brakes as a problem with the magnets, and recommended replacement of the four magnets. I agreed, and you billed me for the installation of four magnets. Since then I have only put about 2000 miles on the trailer, and noticed certain problems. One brake was very hot after stopping, and the other three were cool. The same hot one has been locking up in my unpaved driveway and leaving lots of plowed up dirt, the others did not. There was also a lot of screeching when I put the brakes on. I crawled under the trailer and found one of the wires you had crimped on with an ordinary crimp had pulled apart and was no longer attached to the battery. I replaced the crimp and reattached it to the brake. Still did not work. When I looked at the other side the wires were attached with wire nuts, and heavily taped to prevent water from entering the connection, just as the factory does it. This made me wonder whether you had done any work on that side at all. I took the trailer to my local RV specialist and he found some interesting things. 1. The area of the brake drums where the magnets make contact were heavily scored, and two of the four magnets were no longer making contact with the drum. One was making a very weak connection, and one (the hot one) was making contact, but only in a thin band about an inch in width. It was the only one of the four that was currently doing any work at all. Two of these brake shoes have been getting so hot they were cracking and falling apart. Obviously you had not turned the magnetic contact surface area of the drums, so the magnets were doomed to failure from the start. As we were leaving you told me that it would take about a hundred miles for the brakes to ?wear in?. Your really meant ?wear out?, and ?goodbye sucker?. 2.The hubs you reinstalled were so badly adjusted that the seals failed and blew grease all over the braking surface of the drums. 3. We had a problem with the LP gas regulator, and you replaced it. The one you billed me for had the same exact problem, so I?m wondering if it even got replaced. This created a serious hazard of leaking LP gas. I had my local RV shop replace the four drums because the old ones were in such bad condition they could not be re used, four new magnets because they had been so worn by the scored drum they were useless, Two new brake shoes, because they were falling apart. (We didn?t need the other two because they had not been making contact with the drum for quite awhile.).And a new regulator. The only job you did that was any good was a new trailer to truck 7 pin cable. I feel as though you owe me a complete refund for work so badly done it created very dangerous conditions, [LP gas leakage and malfunctioning brakes

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