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    Bryan Freightliner is an RV Repair and Service center providing recreational vehicle support to the Bryan, TX area.

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          Mobile Repair


          Class A - Diesel

          Posted: 2012-11-26 00:00:00

          "Wet PM", air brake desiccant kit, tail pipe tip replacement. No transmission service was required. I am in central Texas and needed the annual maintenance done on my 2004 Dutch Star, which is on a Freightliner chassis. This was supposed to be the M3 maintenance, except for any transmission service. I don?t think Freightliner service centers, except maybe for the one in Gaffney, have any idea what M3 maintenance means. I am in the area doing volunteer work. On the weekends I?ve been driving to Bryan for groceries. (Went to see the George Bush Presidential Library, which was a great experience.) I saw Bryan Freightliner and thought that would be a good place to have the service work done. I called and asked if they wanted to bother working on an RV, they said yes. I stopped there on a Saturday morning to talk to them about what I wanted done. I took a copy of Freightliners M3 maintenance recommendations. I went over it with the man at the service department. He said a ?wet PM? would cover most of what I needed. He went through the table and highlighted the things that they were to do. I told him that I had problems with service people overfilling the crankcase with oil. I also mentioned that the CAT engine I have has only one fuel filter and that it is a small micron filter. I told him to make sure I got the right filter. In addition to the above I needed the chrome tailpipe extension replaced. (I can?t imagine why it rusted out, but it did.) I told him I was in no hurry. He said they could get me in Monday. On Monday morning I packed up and made the half hour drive (which included 7 miles of bumpy, DUSTY, gravel road) to Bryan Freightliner. I arrived slightly before 8 AM. The highlighted M3 list was attached to the request for service. I went back to pick it up after getting off ?work? that Monday afternoon. They had not planned on changing the tail pipe. I asked them to order one and I stayed overnight in their parking lot, rather than drive back and forth to the camp. I checked with them Tuesday morning and they told me the tail pipe should arrive by 10:30 and that it would be ready after lunch. After ?work? at the camp on Tuesday I went to pick it up. They had not started. While I waited they took the old extension off and realized they had ordered the wrong size pipe. Again, Tuesday night, I stayed overnight in the parking lot. When I went back Wednesday afternoon the tail pipe had been installed. They gave me a copy of the invoice and on my way to the cashier I noted that there was nothing on the invoice about an air desiccant kit. (On Saturday the service guy had told me that this was something that I definitely needed to have done.) I paid and went back to the service department. They checked and found out that they had not done anything with the air system. They told me if I waited an hour they would install the kit. I told them to do it. After maybe a half hour I was told that they didn?t have a kit in stock. It was back to the overnight parking lot for Wednesday night. Also, during the above discussions I noted that they fuel filter they had installed was not the one I normally use, it was a different Freightliner part. They checked with parts and told me that it was even better than what I needed. While sitting in the parking lot Wednesday evening I looked at the invoice more. I noted that they had charged me for 7 gallons of oil. I had checked the oil Tuesday morning, to make sure it had not been overfilled. The level was OK. I called Freightliner and gave them the part number of the fuel filter that had been installed. After doing research on the filter the tech person could find nothing that listed the micron rating of the filter that had been installed. She even did research after we were off the phone and called me back to tell me her research was unsuccessful. She said Freightliner?s ?Parts Pro?(?) still listed the filter that I was familiar with. She told me to go to the parts department in the morning and tell them I either wanted to see the specs on the micron rating of the filter they had installed, or I wanted the filter replaced. She told me to tell them to call Freightliner if I had any problems. Thursday morning I first hit the service department and questioned the 7 gallons of oil, for my 22 quart system. They told me they would check. I then told them I was headed to the parts department because I still did not believe the fuel filter was correct. They told me that parts had already admitted it was the wrong filter and that they would replace it with the correct one. After ?work? I made another trip to pick it up and lo and behold, it was done. If you need work done in the Bryan, College Station area use Bryan Freightliner at your own risk. My wallet is now $994.05 lighter (I also bought one of the front Freightliner hub caps that I had lost) and I am not comfortable with the quality of the service.

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